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  1. I have a set that came off of my 79 280zx. If they will work. They are already off. I can ship them once you've paid for them. N
  2. I just cut the front two corners of the pan off. It was 2 by 2 by 2. It cleared the rack perfectly. Then I took the baffle that was in the pan, and cut it enough to fit in the pan. No problems so far.
  3. I have one, Its a 2 piece rear main seal, Billet steel, It will need to be turned as it has sat in my garage for a while. I used it in my camaro, before I swapped it out for a roller block that was a 1 rms. I want 150 plus shipping.
  4. also Im not too sure if I need the axle stubs as I have a 280zx that had a r180 and I upgraded to the r200, I have the 280zxt CV's. Do I even need the stubs?
  5. no offense roger, but that is really high, they seem to be going for 80-100 plus shipping on the forum.
  6. Like the title says, this is what I am in need of. The last piece of my puzzle. thanks
  7. lol, mine were shipped to me about 20 days ago but still have to arrive.. sucks.. btw, My ls1 is in a 280zx..
  8. The thing on the rail is not a regulator but its a fuel dampener, its there so in between pulses of the fuel pump the fuel pressure doesnt fluctuate. What I did is I went to autozone and got a shrader valve remover(the little thing in your tires) and attached a 4an to 6an and then ran that line to my regulator, and from my regulator I ran that to the return line. I have a fuel pressure gauge in between my the fuel rail and regulator. the car starts up just fine. As far as driving, I cant tell you as I am waiting on my companion flanges.
  9. Thanks. Im actually using a new stock master cylinder from a turbo 280zx in conjunction with an ls1 T56. Ive bled it using the Mityvac way, and the pedal is soft, but not mushy, but I dont have the springs on and the pedal returns on its own. Im a week or two away from getting it running, so I dont really know if the clutch is disengaging or not. thanks.
  10. Hey, I havent got my car running and I just bleed my clutch. I was wondering how soft is the pedal with out the springs connected?
  11. hey, I know this might be a dumb question, but where might I find these C-clips
  12. no need to apologize I appreciate the willingness to help. Thanks.
  13. the 280zx has that goofy looking triangle attached to a bar and it has two springs.
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