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  1. I Had an amazing Z a few years ago, before I got 6 back to back deployments and got a wife and a kid, and of course she helped me get rid of it while I was on deployments, it became hard to lug it around after the 3rd PCS move, and she left my anyways. I am still in the Military, I have access to free or nearly free garage use and tools, recently for the sum for $250 I bought someone’s old Hybridz, an early ‘70 with an blown L28 shoehorned in in and some crazy 240sx Modded 6speed in it (not 100% how he got it to fit but there was a thread on one of the z boards about it evidently) But the car is CLEARLY showing its age... I looks more like a Rat Rod than a Datsun at this point; the frame rails are rotten, most of the underside of the car is rust, (but then again its a 42 year old car; can I just use a Kit like http://www.jegs.com/i/Jegster/550/942705K1/10002/-1 and rehang the car back on this? Or is it better to Put the cage in then take it to a body shop and have the body redone? I am losing the weight of all the fatigued steal and fixing the major rust issues, I am not afraid to put a decent interior in the car it, it’s not a trailer queen or a track car, it’s a daily driver, and well I want to be able to pick up my girlfriend in the car and not have her refuse to get in a race car, or because its dirty, oily smelly or unsafe looking, or any of the complaints anyone’s wife has had over the years.. So I have a few schools of thought here but, I am sure someone here can tell me are the steps? Cage first then Body? Body off and Cage? Build the tube frame take apart the Mechanicals, move them to the Frame then do body? I've never done a Frame off restoration but I want to I think I have steps and a process before I get too far. I asume tho Body is Last.
  2. 240ZR

    Rust - Pass rocker

    I forgot how bad the car was in spots... I guess when i get home, It will be 30days of sand and bondo.... I love my car >_>
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yfXymnOXl8&NR=1 was watching and can't make out if its a Toyota or a Z after all that... only things i could really see that made me think it was a Z besieds the shape of the back area was the inner door Handles.
  4. Meh I think i paid more for my 240z once i got everything on it when i did for the stratos.... then again I have like i dont even know anymore into this silly Z
  5. Its just a project car, for now, its going to be a show car/fun car, for sure I'd let you drive it.... if you did some work on it V, Its going to be restored to be group 4 car, the basic story of how I am getting is, ESTATE AUCTION!!! BO YA~!! They didnt know what to do with it... it must of sat in the guys Garage for a few years in its current state, Im'ma photoblog the restoration when i start it... (did i forget to mention its a replica, with a SBC in it and a Porsche 6 speed?)
  6. Live action!?!?!?! OMG I want >_> someone direct me to the HongKong bootlegs
  7. I was told at one point there was an anime... i guess i was misinformed... BTW AK-z I see you on the Wangan Boards........ is there an anime coming out soon?
  8. thats fine I am done with mine... worst case... I pull her magic and fast l28 and stuff it in my 71 parts/donor car .... The reason i don't want to do like turbos or anything for her yet... is I am making her do all the work... after all you reap what you sow... I just want her to understand how much work and effort go into each and every hybridz... and hopefully get her doing things like changing her own oil, changing her own pads, and what not instead coming to her brother on me for help with the simplest things..... also helps me from buying a flux capacitor for my car from the mechanic.... or maybe some blinker fluid... XD anyways I dont have the pateints to make another s30z monster car anytime soon, my heart has been stolen by Lancia.... and my next car will be a Lancia.....a Lancia Stratos, has walked into my life for a mere pittance....ok now... John... I NEED GO FAST BITS!! NOW!!! Going to be a 5 years Restroration, car was wrecked and torched but I am so in love with the car I am going to restore it from the frame up... Important thing is the Engine is OK!!! and so is the Gear Box! Be a nice place to sink my money when I get back.
  9. starblazers........... Yea i ahve most of that on ym computer I ahve 2 TB in here......750gigX3 >_>
  10. been there seen that... go bored during the filler vampire stuff
  11. Ill join the dark side...... You stand no chance..... muhahahah Epeen +5
  12. How much boost? lol how much RWH we talking??? I am stopping/stoped at 550 horse.... anything beoynd that and its pointless IMO... and that point its all Epeen bragging rights with the amough of weight our cars have.... b/c then again you are all using drag cars... mine will be Auto-X when its done....
  13. Well i have a new girl for the time being, been talking to her for what seems like ages now.... shes pretty smart and very interested in MY Z... i want to get her into HER Z, and prove to her an l28 is a potent set up, so what i need are cheap, easy things she can do to her car to. A) keep up on mantiance. keep it safe. C) show her a l28 can make as bad ass of a Z as my SBC.... Rules: Nothing Crazy. No dropping trannies no adding turbos.. no noz... nothing crazy... Parts:need to be cheap, and user friendly, eg, no megasquirt, she can steal any parts from my 72 240z she wants that where removed in the SBC, LSD, Disc, and coilover conversions. Be creative....
  14. 4. The 4X4 Diesel The AWD beast The Z Jap Sport Bike (5 if you count my HMMWV I named her Lily since shes sooo Dainty and cute:twisted: 50Cal. of CUTENESS!!!!)
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