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  1. If its not hooked up then it should be very hard to shift through. When It has power connected through it should be easy. (I am not 100 percent sure). But look into that system.
  2. Thanks for the comments guys. I am still debating on keeping the swap, or just plain old cashing out. Since If I do keep the swap, I might do a beater s13 drift car. Under 2 k for everything. I am still trying to get back the trust with my father about the whole incident.
  3. Man...I wish I never had to make this kind of update. Really did...... About a week ago, the day before I left for college, My friend came over to hangout. While we were talking I realized that I never took him for a spin in my car with the LS1. So I started to do my normal routine. Drive for about 2 miles, let her warm up. Once I was at my specific spot to haulass...I gunned it while rolling at like 5 mph. Like usual I lost traction and the backend was wagging around. I'm used to it. I can control that. While WOT, I shifted to second. Like normal. It's all apart o
  4. It's been a while since my last update, While I was driving my ign relay (Datsun One) took a **** on me 3 times on 1 day. I decided to rewire the car instead of replacing the relay. (I know, I was a little over my head on this one.) So I pulled the dash, all the guages etc. (It's like driving a race car ) I did the barebones wiring needed. Headlights/Parkinglights Horn Turnsignals IGN Switch Brakelights I did put in the billet pieces that 1tuffz sells, VERY nice. I don't have any gauges (FUEL) It's like playing Russian roulette on the highway
  5. Ya turbo, I would agree with Jakeoster, especially if you already have access to another car. Sure it takes 2-3k to finish the swap. But bite the bullet, look into getting a job, or a 2nd one . You already have the big items 2jz, ECU and FULL access to your fathers shop. So what if takes a little more time:) Like Nike said "Just do it"
  6. Sorry I misphrased my self. The hp seems a little high. The torque sounds about right. Here is my reasoning: 98 Ls1 315 Flywheel HP Mismatch 2002 Tune Shorty Headers Better Intake 98 Intake Manifold. Based on other peoples numbers I thought I would get around 300rwhp/280-290trq. Any Ideas?
  7. Got my car dynoed at Monster Motorsports. The rpm reading is a little off , since I had no tach when the it was on the dyno. Numbers were a little high. Max HP: 363RWHP 286RWTQ Here is a graph and a video,
  8. Sorry for the long delay. School, and me partially getting a job at the local ls1 motorsports place kinda got in the way. So its a good kind of delay I cannot edit my first post. So here is the link. MODS: If you are reading this can you paste the new link back into the first post.
  9. For some reason Youtube thinks I am uploading a duplicate video. I will wait 48 hrs then reupload it, so the youtube server can update.
  10. The lower radiator hose I used the one that came in the JCI Vital Liquids Set. I had to modify it a little but it works. I don't think it has part numbers on it. I will check for it tommarrow and see if there is anything on the hose itself. I am still working on the video give me a little time
  11. That is odd, I am getting the same thing, my source videos don't have it. I will upload it again check back in a few hours.
  12. Whoops Goodeye Just double checked my Summit Invoice the I messed up the number. The number is RUS-658190. EDIT: Fixed everything
  13. The I made technical overview videos, it is much more convenient and faster than a report. If you want more info about my swap just check out my build thread. The video is close to 45 mins. Grab a sandwich and drink. Then watch. I made a couple of mistakes in the video: The input and outputs for the regulator is wrong. I used adapter fittings from home depot to hook up my brake booster. I didn't have to dent the tranny since. Mustang T56 Reverse Switch Deleted skip shift. Removed reverse lo
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