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  1. it could be tweaked because they have adjusters were the bolts hold it down. and yes every 240 and 260z from 71-74 have the same hatch dont know if the 280 does or not
  2. What muffler is that pokin out lol
  3. I have heard that you can, Take ka24 piston's and they will fit in the 3.1 Stroker kit for the l28 instead of the Ross forged. what does this entail??
  4. Need the following. if you are willing to sell leave price or pm. 260z or 240z Wiring Harness Complete. Mine got Butched on a v8 z 260z or 280z r200 mustache bar. grant gt wheel adapter
  5. Honestly I don't really know. The mustache bar was broken and welded. my crossmember for the front of the pumpkin were the drive line goes both pieces are looking good. =]
  6. Ok i have read them il keep that in mind thanks. =]
  7. alright il keep that in mind im going to run it real easy until i find a new bar then thanks
  8. the z car i got is completely fine and running but i didnt realize this until i got into detail with my car. the mustache bar snapped about 1/2 way in the middle and the rigged it and welded it back together. would that hold up or should i try and get another one. and its a r200 mustache bar.
  9. this is what i got already- 73 260z l28 with l24 head and 4bbl arizona intake. - 390cfm carb - new chrome valve cover - ross pistons - molly rings - bushing kit polyurethane - 2 race buckets - lsd unit
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