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Setting Timing - Not Enough Travel

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Hello, gents!


I'm wondering if i can get a bit of help from the professionals... :P

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the timing set after installing a head gasket & timing chain on my L24 240z (points).


With the dizzy turned all the way one way, it's still too advanced.

I've tried rotating the plug wires one position and turning the distributor to the furthest position the opposite way, and it's too retarded.


Essentially, my timing needs to be set right in the middle where i can't get to [adjustment-wise].


The only thing i can think of is dropping the oil pump and rotating the 'spindle/gear' that rides on the crank one tooth one way or another...


Am i on the right track or is there something i'm overlooking?





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Yeah, you are probably one tooth off very common. But don't overlook the screw slot on the timing tab UNDER the distributor, there is more adjustment there as well as the one on the 'stand' with the "R/A" plate on it. Where that plate bolts to the dissy underneath also has a slot for even MORE timing adjustment!

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