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T56 Shifter Problem

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I am having a issue with shifting (shifter.) We used the JTR kit but had to fab a new trans mount, because the JTR mount was not going to fit due to faulty fab'ing. Anyway, after installation,the transmission was very difficult to shift and impossible to put into reverse. We thought it was shifter so the eBay shifter was replaced a Hurst shifter. That didn't help much so we thought it maybe the used trans. I had it rebuilt but there has been no improvement. The shifter sits to the left in the shifter hole. First in other members cars, is the approx. location? Is this correct? Has anyone else had this problem?



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The reverse problem is because there is a breakthrew plate in order to get into reverse. This is electronically controlled. You can make

it work with a button shift knob, or even by messing with the springs.

Some even wired it to their BRAKE, so when you brake your can reverse!!!!



I did none of that because it doesnt bug me.


I dont know about the rest of your problems though.

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