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My VH45 USDM 260Z in Okinawa


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After much consideration I've decided on doing an N/A VH45 swap into my Datsun 260Z. My car is a 74 which was purchased in San Diego then brought to Okinawa when I moved back here about 5 years ago. I've been doing a restoration on and off for a WHILE. But I've also been busy building a house and family. Things are finally starting to settle down and now I've got some time to work on the Z again and a place to do it; my garage.


Here are my rough plans:


install stock rear-member/diff get the car back to a rolling chassis

install VH45 and Z32 mission with mazworx adapter plate

custom drive shaft to be installed only for JCI with stock rear end

Get JCI done and generate Japanese title, complete legitimate Konin for the car with the engine and transmission on the title


drop the stock rear member and pull the motor/mission out again

start hacking up the back frame/floor and modify the car to accept a totally unmodified BCNR33 rear member

Get back to a rolling chassis with the new rear end in

Put the motor/mission back in

Design roll cage system

cut up piping for roll cage and mock it up

Pull motor/mission

weld in roll cage

stitch weld all panels on the unibody and incorporate the roll cage into the body everywhere possible

full paint underside/interior/engine room/etc...

reinstall engine/mission

custom driveshaft for the BCNR33 rear end

Put fenders/hood/doors/hatch back on and final paint.

reinstall glass, finish wiring, finish interior, etc... then it should be pretty well done.


I'm expecting this to take a few years. maybe more than a few.


I was going to do an SR20, but had a good friend beg me not to.


I'm concerned that there are many build threads on VH45 Z's but I never see any of them complete.

post-2657-008163500 1315967017_thumb.jpg

post-2657-038930100 1315967025_thumb.jpg

post-2657-036480200 1315967038_thumb.jpg

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planning on doing the VH45 with a haltech, pistons, rods, head totally worked and basically getting it as bitchin as can be while staying N/A. Not going after crazy numbers with it. If anything, the numbers I'm chasing are low weight numbers. This car will be a fair weather cruiser and just a general nice night time cruise car. I'll put a dog box in it eventually, be it a PPG that goes into the stock Z32 mission case or use one of my GT-R transmissions (i've got 2 dog boxes and a sequential) and just cut up the bellhousing to a Z32 spec so it will bolt onto the VH.

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