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  1. Whoa, Aragosta making S30 sus? That's awesome, but good lord that price!
  2. Looking for a set of turn signals, orange or clear lenses, but in good shape please! No cracks, thank you!
  3. I'll be returning to the States for 2 weeks in July after 4ish years of serving overseas. So it time to get my S30 running again! I need an oil pan for a L28ET, a straight one please! The one I have now is dimpled from being over torqued and leaks big time. I also need a radiator and would like to upgrade to an aluminum radiator. I also need a straight hood, preferably for a 280Z with the vents, but I will take an early model one in good condition. I will be located near Dallas, TX, but I will pay for shipping. Thank you!
  4. I should note I'm not using the stock intake manifold, here's a pic, notice the little air filter thing. The engine already had that intake mani set up when I bought it so I haven't had any hand in changing the PCV set up, but if I can do something to reduce blow by I'm all ears.
  5. So resurrecting this once again as my curiosity has sparked from bordem. What would be the 'correct' way to vent the crankcase? After doing some Google searching, seems like most people either have the tiny air filter on it, or it's routed to the stock air filter area. Also what does PCV stand for again? I haven't touched my Z in years, so my knowledge might've been slightly replaced by FD3S knowledge
  6. I believe they are 60mm. I made a topic about this some time ago looking to fit 52mm gauges. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/94221-greddy-gauges-in-3-stock-gauge-location/
  7. Please tell me you pointed and laughed.
  8. I'm super jealous, that car looks to be in great shape.
  9. My thoughts exactly. RB parts aren't terribly hard to find, Zilvia usually has numerous used parts, and check rawbrokerage.com, they special in everything RB. Coming from someone who used to own a S14 (granted it wasn't LS3), who now owns a S30, I wouldn't hesitate if the S30 is as clean as it appears in the picture. They're so much more charismatic than a S14. I beat the the poo out of my S14 and loved it, but it never put the smiles on my face like my rumbly S30 does. In the end, I don't think either choice will disappoint.
  10. I'll look into that one too thanks for the idea.
  11. Decisions...decisions... Thanks for the input guys. zack_280, I'm assuming the downpipe is V-Band style, 3in? I might be interested in that if I can use it for whichever turbo I finally decide on.
  12. I think it looks cool on his car, gives it a zombie appearance. I think I may experiment with that until my car gets painted. As you can see in my sig, I'm rolling around halfway primered and sanded with black accents.
  13. Guy sounds like he needs a tissue, or better yet a pacifier.
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