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FAST XFi 2.0 System...

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So I'm not happy with my fuel delivery on the datsun right now, primarely because of its lack of consistancy... Welcome to old school Holley/Mallory fuel deliver right? Don't get me wrong, the carb I'm using is probably the best I've ever had on a car, but now the regulator is giving me fits and letting me down... And I'm sure then it'll be "something else"... So I'm going to move BACK to my cutler intake manifold and 42# injectors/1000CFM TB. Since I have the hardware, and now that I've found I have a FAST beta tester withing an hour of me (EB3 motorsports), I'm thinking I'll go the FAST XFi route, since I can also use their traction control system and the advantages of their 3d programing and direct scale tuning cell by cell. Anyone here have any experience? The owner of EB3 showed me some of his 228MPH passes on his 1/4 mile car and I was amazed at the level of detail and tunability. I figure I'll have about $2500 in the system, but when I swap over to an LSx platform, I'll already have the computer and some support stuff, and just transfer it all over...


I really need to start going thru the garage and putting some of this "other" stuff up forsale so I can make more room...



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