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well heres my build, hope to run with GT-R's (rolls only) and vettes in the near future.


hope to push 400 - 450 on stock internals then i wanna break the A/B series limit and do at least 600hp on E85 with stock internals.




















intercooler piping, 450CC dsm injectors, and holset HX35


































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600hp is a huge number! I ran a vg with a t3.60-1 turbo running 19 psi, it as QUICK, but 600 hp far from, I think?

I am currently building a vg, forged rotating, ported polished heads, jwt s2 cams, lots of arp, copper head gasket, adjustable cam gears, msd 6al ignition, ms1, lots more.. I expect to be over that, but also I will have a large bill...


If you do that with ANY type of longevity (more than 5,000 miles) I will be surprised! Hell, if you do it period without blowing up (shattering ring landings if everything else holds up), I will be VERY impressed. I think the head gasket will blow, from the head bolts stretching, before you shatter landings, if your lucky. there is a point where the pressure in there gets too extreme, that no race grade fuel can eleviate. Get one hell of an ignition, spray methanol, and retard that ignition to about 7-9 degrees at full boost, and you may be able to use enough of that power, and not preignite.... and If I were you, HUGE TURBO, may not be ideal, but cooler boost




anyway, keep us posted, We all love to hear things go bang! And if it don't none of us will believe it..... you can defy laws of physics! But the none of us will believe it was the truth, even if you do it, and prove it, none will believe... It will be looked at as a hoax



but tid bit, wasn't there a test subject some big buck company did, and got over 1,000 hp before the motor blew? that was factory head gasket down.... I am not sure if it sustained 1000 hp for anytime at all, if they increased power to that point, or how it was conceived.... may have been a rumor or hoax, but I did read about it somewhere a long time ago... and so the legend is reborn

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the one thing that got me motivated to do a stock internal VG30ET was the fact that someone on 3zc.com in a z32 blew their twin turbo motor, they had just happened to have a N/A sitting around and slapped all the turbo things on it.


we all know the VG30DE's weakness in the wrist pins from the 10.5:1 compression, but he managed to make 795hp on all stock internals on a VG30DE with turbo parts.


it was on E85. so this got me motivated to push limits and find out WHERE the stock limits are. i've never seen a E85 stock internal Vg30ET build well none that im aware of, so i'll be the first i believe, and if she decides to blow up, I'll just upgrade to a VG33 bore to a VG34ET forged rods and pistons, cams, and keep building it.


realistically I'll never use ALL 600hp if i EVEN get it that high but if i do at least i can say i'm the only one who did it on stock internals. lol we'll see what happens.


motor has a fresh build so it should be alright. new rings bearings, gaskets, so many new things.


also i believe you are talking about electromotive in the 80s? they built a 1000hp VG30ET but it was HEAVLY modified i believe the only factory part on it was the crank shaft and they managed to break in clean in half after a few runs, or so i read, no actual information to back any of this up so idk either just what I've read.

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