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My Vq swap

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Leaving off from my purchase thread I am creating this thread to document my new project. Swapping VQ35DETT into my z32. This coming sunday we will be test fitting and starting on the cross member and other bits that need to be taken care of in the engine area.


The thing I have been researching the most is the wiring due to the "NATS" system and other security features. Most likely I will be using a place called RT Tuning to get the car running safely then dyno shortly after. I have also been looking into uprev osiris tuning software which would allow me to disable the security myself and acquire a base tune from someone and tune myself' date=' although I would like to learn more about the tuning process and possibly take a class on it before attempting anything at all.


Today I was poking around and removed the lower intake and the intake ports appear to be ported pretty good.


As soon as we start fitting sunday I will update with pics.







Unorthodox Pulleys




Turbos drivers license :D




Bored TB




6 Speed




Plenum Spacer??










Fuel rail/Lines




RC racing injectors? Will need to get them flow tested






non resonated x pipe




Super duper short throw shifter




Greddy RPM signal converter








To battery


















My friend who works at the particular yard says they leakdown test all engines pulled and to be stamped "good for sale" they must be within a certain percentage but i have to check with him what that percentage is. When i compression checked it my lowest number was 170 and highest was about 185




I have heard nothing but good things about the software so im excited. Will i be needing an altima throttle body? Are there advantages?




From what i read if you do not modify the shifter support it lands right where the ash tray is.


I have been modeling a few different designs in my off time at work but I will most likely paint the intake the same color as the car then cut a "hole" which follows the profile of it and have a small piece of trim to cover the cut edge. Perhaps some sort of rubber gasket on the underside of the hood. Thought about getting a clear cover made from an impression of the intake as well.


I took some measurements this morning before work and i think i can make an intake that fits under the hood. I have made a few primitive 3d models to get an idea and doing CFD tests. In the next few days i will take exact measurements and model that up. Once i get it modeled ill post up some pics.


Got up this morning and started preparing the bay for fitting. Had to go to work but didnt get much done but here is a pic. Found that it has a "spec" twin disc clutch and doesnt appear to have noticeable wear that i could see.








Sitting on the sway bar....... lol.


It appears to clear the steering shaft very well. Width from "frame to frame" is about the same as the vg. It looks like it can be moved forward a little then dropped down and will not have to cut the subframe but we will see Sunday when my welding cohort checks it out.




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Looks like a pretty good find on that engine. Hope it's in good shape, Do you know what vehicle the engine came out of? There was another Z32 VQ swap I saw some time back, but they had to cut the hood to make it fit, so you might be doing that, or perhaps building a stout skid plate. Up to you, I'm sure. But I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes, because if my VG dies I will likely be looking into VQ35 or VQ37 for mine. The HR engines people have said the plenums are taller, but I haven't seen that on my S30 VQ project.


I'm sticking with the NATS. it's not so big a deal, it's just a key, the antenna and the BCU all of which can be programmed to your computer with a ConsultIII at the dealer, but you're dealing with a Tune as well, due to your Turbos so you go from there and hope it works out.



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