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My First Z Build-Road Course

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So I am back at it again finally. Got all the suspension out of the car so now the car is a bare shell except the steering colum is still in. Built most of the front head for the rotisserie tonight. Turned out really good.











And a little shot of the new wheels



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So that`s what the inside of an old z car fender section looks like after so many years. Rust from the inside out! Did you treat that inside fender section since that would have been the perfect opportunity to take care of that situation before it gets worse? Nice build you have...Keep up the good work!

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Started building new frame rails tonight. Got the pass side floor all prepped and ready for the new floor pans and frame rails I am building from scratch. The frame rails connect into the rear sub frame. So should be a nice stiff chassis once I am done.

Here are some pics. Enjoy!














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Well the holidays kinda put a hold on things bug got me a change to get a few things for my arsenal to get the Z done.

My awesome family all chipped on and bought me a 60 gal air compressor. Then I also picked up a metal brake, an air ram for my tube bender, & a nice vise. Started building the floor pans last night. Will take some pics later of those was too dark to get good pics.

Here are some pics of the tools!!!









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I am the kind of guy that's says good big or go home!! LOL!! I get steel at wholesale and if figured if my big butt is going to be crawling around in side the z while building the cage go overkill I have only $250 into the rotisserie w/ casters and about 4 hours of build time. Going to hopefully get the pass side floor done tonight. Then I will get some pics posted.

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Got the pass side floor all done. It's ready to be welded in. Started doing the drivers side. Here's a few pics of the pass side








Oh yea I almost forgot. I got all my 1 1/2 .095 wall Dom in today too


Got it for a steal of a price




144' worth

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I am using 3"x1" .080 wall tube. It's light but very strong. Once I get the floors done then I will box the rails in at the TC and rear subframe. Then add 1/4" plate to a couple spots to give me some good jack points

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Right now going to be doing the NCRC open track days to get the time behind the wheel. Just had my first track day on Sept 23. Had a blast


Used my buddies car

It's a 73 240z with a f54 block w/ flat tops, P79 head, all stock. Triple 44 mikuni's header and lightened flywheel.


Here's the vid




Please let me know if you do a NCRC event with your Z (when it's done). I would love to see your car in person. My buddies and I try to do as many NCRC events as we can a year. Would be a pleasure to meet you and see the car.



Great build so far.. SUBSCRIBED!

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Well Johnny you know the car in the Vid. It's bills car just me driving it. I bought bills spare car from him and as you can see going crazy with it. It work have the crazy power yours does but will still be fun. Can't wait to see you out there either. This build should be done by August.

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