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My First Z Build-Road Course

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I got the Megan's from Mckinny motor sports. I don't remember how much they were. I think they were about $1400 shipped. They came with the weld on strut tubes and weld on camber plates. Once I get the car dialed and fast w/ L28 I am going to pull the motor and drop a 347 stroker w/ aluminum heads in it.

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So the other night when I said I was going to start welding up the camber plates and coilovers I broke my welder. So never got a chance to do it. Well got the welder back up and running. So got the rear main hoop supports tacked in and got the windshield tie ends in and welded up. Then cut down the 280z strut housings so I can weld my coilovers to them.











before cutting up the 280z struts




After cutting. More to come in the later morning. Bed time for now



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Well got a lot done in the few hours I got to work on the car. Got all the strut towers cut and camber plates welded in. The fronts have to be welled from the top so that the adjusters on the coilovers clear the hood. Also got the coilover sleeves/mounts welded to the knuckles. I must say that the difficulty for install is not for everyone. But sure looks and fits nice once all done up.





Front camber plates






Rear camber plates






Knuckles all welded up



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Worked on the car a little today. Couple hours while the kid was taking his nap. Got holes cut in the roof and in the rear fender wells to access the rest of the cage to do final welds. Welded up those sections of the cage and also seam welded the inside of the car. She is slowly coming along



Holes on rear fenders




Holes in roof




More seam welding



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Coolest dad in the world award goes to you bud. I just started my z project and your build just fully motivated me, although my student budget is much less. I'll be keeping my eyes on this build. Thumbs up Wish you did a how to on that rotisserie , just sayin

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Today I did do some work on it. I a doing an '86 5 speed out of a 300zx and took it to my machinest to have my old bell hounding off the 4 speed machined. It turned out perfect. Gotta love CNC. I will post pic tomarrow and a little vid of the action

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So I will be starting back up on this build in the next couple weeks. I am having another kid the beginning of September. I have been busy getting ready for the baby and also building a new Jeep. Now that its all to par will be taking it to the Rubicon this weekend. As for the car I am going to be selling all the engine parts and my custom 300zx tranny. I just got a corvette 327 for the car for free in top notch condition. So keep your eyes open for this build will be back up and going in a couple weeks

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