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My First Z Build-Road Course

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Is that Bill Madamba's car? I say the name bill mentioned, and only wanted to half-assume it was the same bill with a while Z. And speaking of him, I need to call him about setting up an event at TH.


Your project looks great btw. You're getting more done per month than most do in a year around here. Making us all look bad...

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Yes the white car in the vid I was driving is Bills. He let me use it to get a track day under my belt to see of I liked it. It was a huge mistake. Now I am building one. My goal is to be driving it on track is September this year. Hopefully everything keeps going smoothly.

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Today I got to play a little with my tube bender and decided to try to do the main hoop for the Z.

I haven't built the tie ins yet or cut the hoop reliefs in the roof and fenders. Will start building the tie is tomarrow night









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Got the drivers side main hoop tie in almost done. Here are some pics. Still have to plate under it and then weld it in. Also got my 20 gallon fuel cell from summit today. It's not sfi approved but it will work for now to get the car one the road. Will post pics of it tomarrow.


Here is the Templet I made but was only 3x3. So made it 4x4 instead.







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Today wire wheeled the inside of the car just need to do the riff and pillars. Also welded it the roll cage tie ends for the main hoop on the driverside. Will do the pass side later tonight. Also picked up my head from the machine shop. Looks brand new. It's a n42 head shave .010 put new stainless steel valves in it new silicon brass guides and a race valve grind done to it. And of course like I said a pic of the fuel cell as well












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Well last night got back to work on the car. Found that the first main hoop I bent up was out of square and one of the bends were off 2 degrees. So I bent up another one and the same damn thing on the same bend was off. So I discovered that the program I was using has a glitch in it and doesn't give the correct measurements for the bend to begin. So I did it the old school way. Took a little longer but the main hoop is as tight as it can get in the car. Oh and very square.


Here are some pics. Enjoy.









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On vacation this week so going to try to get the roll cage done. Today I got to work on the car for about 6 hours

Got the a pilar bar tie ends almost finished. Plated the rear strut towers finished wire wheeling the interior of the car and cut out the spare tire well

Last night I bent up the a pilar bars but didn't compensate for the a pilar width difference from top to bottom and so now I have to redo those tonight. Pics will show the oops.







Now for the oops




The tube is supposed to line up w/ the black line in the middle of the bend on the main hoop



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Today had to do a lot of prep work and clearancing for the A pilar bars. But after all said and done here it is. Still need to notch the pass side and tack weld it into place. Will do that in the morning after a few z dreams.













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Took a break on the cage yesterday. Was having a hell of a time with the halo bar. Could not get the notch right if my life depended in it. So tore down my 300zx tranny and a old Blowen 4 speed so I could get the bell housing off the machine shop.

So this morning went for it again and got it on the first try. Figures.


Here are the pics.


'86 300zx tranny




All torn down




Bell housing on the right is the one to be machined.




Halo bar that I finale got right





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Got home today and the brown truck finally dropped off my seat. It's verbs since feb 9 since I ordered the seat. It is an Ultrashield pro race. All I have to say is that this seat fits perfectly into place.


Now to build some mounts and tie ends once I get the harness bar and diagonal bat on the main hoop in.









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