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My First Z Build-Road Course

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Well Johnny you know the car in the Vid. It's bills car just me driving it. I bought bills spare car from him and as you can see going crazy with it. It work have the crazy power yours does but will still be fun. Can't wait to see you out there either. This build should be done by August.


I had a feeling it was Bill's car but the video wasn't from "SilverStreak" so I thought it was just coincidence.

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Took a week off from working on the car. Been crazy busy at work. Currently working 6 days a work right now. Cought up on some sleep so back at it again.

Last night tore down my N42 head to get it ready for the machine shop for some new valves,seats,guides and seals. I will be doing all the porting and polishing and cc matching the cambers. Then doing a .460 lift cam. Mild build for now.


Got most of the driver side floor done this morning









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Was sick last week so. Back at it again tonight when I get home from work. Going to finish boxing in the front frame rails where they tie into the TC mounts. Then I should be getting my Ultrashield pro road race seat in the next week then starting the roll cage. Ordered the seat a little over a week ago and ordered coilovers Thursday. Once I get those I will take more pics.

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Finished up the rear subframe connectors tonight and stripped all the under coating off the bottom of the except the wheel wells and where the spare tire goes. Going to be doing a fuel cell so havent worked on that area yet. Also seem welded every thing except the wheel wells.





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Thanks!! Bill is more giving me info on parts. All the chassis work is my idea. I want a strong stiff chassis but not heavy either. If math worked out right I should of added a total of maybe 10-15lbs to the car before putting in the cage. I am going to be running the bare min interior and wiring so I can still drive it on the street. Going to be doing my own custom aluminum dash. And 2 Ultrashield seats. That's it. Keepin the weight down

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Haven't worked on the car much. Did a little work on it today Been waiting for my seat and coilovers to come in so I can start doing the roll cage. I have faust about finished stripping the rest of the undercoating off the car. Just have to to one rear wheel well and around where the spare tire well is.

I did start to take car of a rust spot on the pass side rear rocker. It was covered by bondo and as you all know I hate bondo to cover up do simple fixes. Here are some pics enjoy










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After I got the kid put in bed went into the garage to weld in the new piece for the pass side rocker. Then smoothed it all out. Will hardly have to use any bondo. Also seam welded the pass Front and rear wheel wells and inside the strut towers.







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Unfortunatly I haven't worked on the car since the last post. About a week ago. I have been waiting for parts now on a stand still pretty much so been adding some tools to my garage. Got a 8 ton ram for my JD2 mod 3 bender and built so custom mounts to make it work. I can wheel it anywhere I want to and use it now. Also just ordered my fuel cell and arizona z car brakes for front and rear.


Here are a few pics of the stand and brackets I built for the bender










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