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VH45DE or VK45DE need help in choosing


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I am trying to find a 4.5L Nissan engine to use in our Bonneville car. I have a few questions as I am not that familiar with either engine. We need to destroke or sleeve the cylinders to make the Max. 4.2L. The class we are running in is naturally aspirated on Gas.


1) Which is a better choice to find/build, a VH or VK 45DE?


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2) What Transmissions came coupled to these VH or VK engines?

3) Will either VH or VK engine/trans combo fit better into 72 240?

4) Any leads of where to find some parts would be greatly appreciated. Looking to run at Bonneville next August/September.



Burton Brown



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I'm not a VK person, but I have the VH45. It is truly an amazing motor. Aluminum block and heads, 6900rpm, actual power around 310hp 330lbft, forged internals, full crank girdle, 6 bolt mains, low friction pistons, high coolant flow heads, bracing in the valley, other things i'm forgetting. Some people on nico and v8nissans have over 400hp confirmed boosted on factory internals and there is talk all the time of 600hp on stock internals. There were NO manual transmissions offered. there are a couple of adapters that companies offer to hook them up to the 5speed from a 300zx. Mazworx is the company that most people seem to go to. apparently their product is great, but their customer service sucks. I would go to nicoclub(dot)com to find out more info about the two engines you are interested in.



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well i got an e-mail back from jeff


"I haven't looked under the hood of the car since it failed on the dyno... I'm taking a break from it.


I will tell you that I was running E85, stock internals, about 24-27 psi on my 72mm, and it was putting down 819 wHP when parts of the rotating assembly made two separate holes through the engine block. I found 3 connecting rod end caps on the dyno floor and saw a piston upside down in the block. I am assuming I bent/broke several rods at that power level. Surprisingly, I could still rotate the crankshaft using the starter motor - so I know the crank wasn't seized into the main caps.


One odd thing that happened just before the block ventilated was that my stage-5 SPEC sintered iron disc clutch slipped briefly and then caught immediately before things broke. This load spike in the rotating assembly was probably the straw that broke the camels back.


There was a 790-ish wHP run that felt fine though.





pretty inconclusive really... i'll probly just stop at 650 on the dyno pak , i'd like to enjoy the thing for awhile, not trying to find any limitations

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The VH41DE did not have the variable valve timing so its rated hp and tq were correct. the heads also didn't flow quite as good. There are rumors that it is 1" skinnier. There are tons of other differences.



It is already under the 4.2 liter limit for the class in stock form.

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