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Rear Wheels off axis, sticking out right side.

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So I've noticed that one main reason for my car crabbing to the passenger side, is because of the rear wheels.

First of all, the driver side rear is too toed in, but that could be fixed with adjustable suspension.

However, the wheels in the back seem to be off axis to the fronts, as in the driver side rear wheel is closer to center (width). while the passenger side rear is further away from center (width). As if everything shifted half an inch to an inch to the right.


So when you look at the rear wheels from behind the car, you can see the passenger side sticking out of the rear flares, while the driver side is sunken in to the flares....

What would cause this???? I did jump a curb awhile back, but i dont know how it would knock things to the right since they both are connected to the diff.

unless I messed up the subframe?


anyone have any ideas, before i pay for a suspension specialist to look at it. ( cant seem to find anyone that's willing to give a free examination...)

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Yeah Japan had independent rear suspension in the mid sixties or so........... so..........


My guess is that you bent a LCA or something back there.


Adjustable rear control arms would help adjust the toe if it's really bad.


I'd recommend actually getting underneath it and looking for bent ****. That's just my two cents.

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