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Using cam tower as rear lift hoop?

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Pull the hood and radiator, undo the bolts to the trans and engine mounts... You can pull the fan off if you really want to, but disconnect the engine slide it forward, up, and out.

In an S30 you can do that with the clutch assembly on the engine and clear everything.


You just need a jack or stand under the tranny to keep it from dropping.


Putting it back in I would say is easier if you THEN drop the tranny and remount it once the engine is on the mounts.

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Hey guys, i forgot to tell you my solution to this. I basically attached the leveler to the block like i said i was going to do in my last post, kept the pan on and pushed and pulled the engine forward and then eventually upwards. The biggest problem came from the lines from my AC (Which will need to be removed for sake of my sanity) snagging on the thin shroud between the engine and trans but nothing a little tweaking around and swearing couldn't fix.


Thanks for the replies guys

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