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  1. Hey all. A couple years ago I tried to fill and restore my cracked dashboard but messed it up so bad that I am in the market for a replacement. What can I expect to pay for a decent condition one?
  2. Hey gurus, After filling the cracks in my dash (albeit crappy, rushed and shottily) and muscling it back in I cant get my turn signals to work properly. I'm pretty sure my friend smashed the combination switch or something when we were putting it back in and refuses to admit it haha. Rear signals work intermittently, hazards work only in the rear and front signals are just plain MIA regardless of how much I cry about it. Signal relay was swapped yesterday so that was a shot in the dark that missed. Haven't put a multimeter onto it yet, still trying to find my wiring diagram :/ Coul
  3. One other thing to check is the front tranny seal (around the shaft) sometimes if a car has been sitting for a while they'll throw a tantrum but if its something that NEVER goes away its best to have a proffesional crack the cases for you
  4. I also think that theres a difference with the throttle position sensor, then again I might just be remembering wrong
  5. Yeah, no. just because the ecu is from a brand new 2.8L and is a straight 6 does not mean its identical to an almost 45 year old engine design. Tony was misunderstood and everyone thought that you could take a BMW ecu and just smack it into the wiring harness until it fit, which he didn't he was simply saying that some factory ecus are better and more optimized (modern ecu's especially) than others. It's ok tony, take a breathe lol But seriously, as tony (and the op for that matter) have stated, Megasquirt is too expensive apparently so there is no pleasing the op's request. T
  6. While a TDI swap from a VW would indeed be cool, I still want to see somone throw some money at a LD28T for a change
  7. So since nobody has said anything about this yet I'll chime in a bit. Just fyi this is all copied directly out of Frank Honsowetz' "How to Modify Your Nissan/Datsun OHC engine". -To calculate your required throttle bore size you find the square root of your displacement-per-cylinder (in cc) multiply that by your maximum rpm, divide that by 1000 and then finally mulitply that by 0.82 (to clarify, calulate the square root of your displacement*max-rpm/1000 and THEN multiply by 0.82. Best to use calc to not mess up order of operations) -To calculate your main venturi size you perform t
  8. Hey guys, i forgot to tell you my solution to this. I basically attached the leveler to the block like i said i was going to do in my last post, kept the pan on and pushed and pulled the engine forward and then eventually upwards. The biggest problem came from the lines from my AC (Which will need to be removed for sake of my sanity) snagging on the thin shroud between the engine and trans but nothing a little tweaking around and swearing couldn't fix. Thanks for the replies guys
  9. That seems like the best way to go, didn't think of attaching the leveler directly to the block. I'm thinking that since I have the radiator out I should have enough room in the front and with the head off and the cherry picker at 1 1/2 tons the arm is pretty long so it should have lots of room there and if I can't clear the cross-member then I can try removing the pan. If that doesn't work out then I'll remove the transmission and the engine together. Thanks guys
  10. I have 2 2 ton stand and 2 4 ton stands, i would lift the car higher onto the larger stands but my crappy jack can't go up that high and I don't have anything to place it on to make it go any higher. My cherry picker is a 2 ton that i borrowed from a friend. The more you guys tell me the more it seems easier to just pull the moto/trans together. But in theory could I take off the 2 side motor mounts, jack up the trans so the engine sits at an angle, slide out the oil pan (PITA for sure) and then use the cherry picker to lift the engine out (provided I have something on the rear to hook u
  11. The thing is I was really just hoping to pull the engine alone by itself, I'm on a bit of a time crunch to rebuild the engine. Everyone keeps saying its much easier to remove the engine and tranny at the same time, and it probably is, but I really just don't want to have a transmission sitting in my already crowded garage space. So if the cam tower isn't ideal then I was going to get a piece of scrap steel and make a little bar to go across the rear intake and exhaust bolts at an angle with a loop at the end to hook up a balancer. Or my friend said that I could try hooking the balancer d
  12. I gotta say i am completely jealous of your setup
  13. So I'm doing a turbo conversion, taking out the engine (hopefully soon) but I don't have a rear lift point on the engine (for whatever reason it wasn't there when I bought the car). I do however have a front lift point and I also have a junk p79 head without a cam in it. The question is can I bolt the head on, wrap a chain around the rear cam tower and take the engine out successfully? The only thing scaring me is the thought that the weight of the engine causes the tower to pop off taking the head bolts and threads with it. So anybody think it'll work?
  14. *Heres where I look stupid again* I actually bought a turbo block with dish pistons w/ rings, went to pop out the front freeze plug (black was going to get hot tanked) but couldn't get it, told one of my friends (different one that timing guy) I would buy him a 6 pack if he popped all the freeze plugs out and took my block to the machine shop, he tries to drill out the front plug and goes right through it...into the cylinder. Moral of this story, don't make friends they'll just muck up your valve timing and drill holes in your motor. I do have turbo pistons with stock rings, I just kno
  15. Long story short my friend messed up my cam timing (while trying to replace valve seals, don't ask) and 3 of my pistons made contact with the valves. Chunks taken out of pistons and 3 valves snapped, luckily the bores are OK
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