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Need some help with electrical wiring from scratch...sort of...

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I recently purchased a 76 280Z as a roller with no motor or tranny and a great deal of other missing items. The plan is for a VG30 conversion which will be wired independently of the 280z's stock chassis wiring. In an effort to reduce, uh, effort I would like to retain as much of the stock chassis wiring as possible (if possible). Here are two pics of the remaining wiring harness and it appears there is quite a bit missing. My main questions:


1) there is no positive battery cable. But there is a white 10 ga. wire which appears that it may the main feed to the ignition to provide power to the fusible links and subsequently the lights/wipers/horn/etc.?


2) Did the 76 come with an external voltage regulator (which is not present if it did)? Have searched but not found concrete info.





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On my '76, the white wire in the picture is attached to the hot post on the starter, which should have a cable from the positive battery terminal on it as well. From the positive battery terminal, I also have a white wire that goes into a connector and comes out as a red wire. This red wire meets up with another red wire coming from a similar connector on the negative battery terminal...


I think the white wire is spliced into two, then again into four white with red stripes that feed the fusibles.


I also think that we do have an external voltage regulator.


Anyway, congrats on your purchase and I hope this helps!


P.S. Nice battery tray.

P.P.S. If you don't have it already, download "The Fuel Injection Bible" (280Z specific) and the '76 FSM.

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