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  1. I have a watercooled center section/ all the necessary water lines and turbine housing but no wastegate parts. If you need those parts you might better off buying a whole used T3 core....but if you are interested please pm me for pics and more details...
  2. I've got a 3:90 from an 88 300zx. Just over the GW in Yonkers, easy drive. $200
  3. If you are still looking I have a running L26 w/ early SU's and and a rust free spare tire well. Best part is that it's close by in Yonkers. Motor is still in car, car hear it run. Spare tire well also still in car, can cut to desired size. PM me for more details....price is reasonable
  4. I have one in my 76 280 that I was debating cutting out, rust free. PM me and we can work out some kind of deal....
  5. Wagner DOT 5.1 is my new favorite. Its a 5.1 NOT a 5 which means it isn't silicone based, basically the next step above DOT 4. Also it is inexpensive, easy to find and has the highest high boiling point of any shelf fluid I have found yet.
  6. PM me with a pic and price shipped to 06810 CT. Must be from a manual tranny equipped 2+2 (71C trans). No junk or questionable junkyard items, thanks!
  7. I've got all the parts needed but you aren't allowed to receive pm's? PM me with your contact info and an email and I'll get you pics and prices on these items. FYI: all Z31 radiators are interchangeable and only differ in 1 row (na) or 2 row (turbo), there was never a 3 row offered (only aftermarket maybe?)
  8. do you have a pic handy, just want to verify the one I have is correct?
  9. Glad to hear the SU's worked out and you are putting some miles on her now....coming along niceely!
  10. Looking for a shifter for my tranny. It is a later style (71b?) 5sp transmission from a 76. It didn't come with one but from my research it should be the curved style. PM me with pics and price shipped to 06810. Thanks!
  11. I recently purchased a 76 280Z as a roller with no motor or tranny and a great deal of other missing items. The plan is for a VG30 conversion which will be wired independently of the 280z's stock chassis wiring. In an effort to reduce, uh, effort I would like to retain as much of the stock chassis wiring as possible (if possible). Here are two pics of the remaining wiring harness and it appears there is quite a bit missing. My main questions: 1) there is no positive battery cable. But there is a white 10 ga. wire which appears that it may the main feed to the ignition to provide power t
  12. I'll be embarking on this mission over the winter as well: 76 280z w/ VG30et, SAtan manfold, T5, etc.... I want to thank you guys for doing this and for posting up pics! I know Dmann and BlozUp from Z31Performance but want to thank Zr8ted for his build pics and info too. I'll be sure to document the process as well and illustrate any differences in mounting that I come across. Time to get that welder out......
  13. No valve interference, will work fine
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