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Someone review my Fuel Cell filler neck Plumbing for flaws

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I have a summit racing fuel cell I been filling it by opening the hatch but its getting annoying. So I decided to add a filler neck and use the stock filler neck of the 240z to add gas. I have attached some pictures to see if I have anything wrong that I should change.


I plugged the original vent line on the fuel cell and instead I'm using the vent opening on the original 240z filler neck. That goes to a 3/8 hose with a filter at the end, and it sitting under the car behind the rear balance

post-2024-067412900 1341089292_thumb.jpg

post-2024-024711000 1341089300_thumb.jpg

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The fill line needs to slope down to the fuel tank its entire length. From the picture it looks like there is a low spot in the line near the 90 that turns up to the filler opening in the side of the car. Fuel will pool there during normal driving and will be a fire hazard in an accident.


Does your fuel cell have a roll over valve at the fill plate? If not, that would be a very, very good thing to add. A roll over valve in the vent line would also be a good idea. I made both of these suggestions because there is no bulkhead separating the fuel cell and fill line from the driver's compartment. Ideally you'll add a bulkhead separating the fuel cell and filler line from the rest of the passenger compartment. Without it, in a hard rear end collision, you could be sprayed with fuel - which hopefully does not ignite.

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