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  1. As far as aftermarket parts no upgrades. haven't mess with the car much it's running pretty good. Got it tune 265hp @14 psi 322torque. Most of my time is going to my other build 1971 datsun 521 truck I'm swapping a 3sge beams engine.
  2. Which turbo where you running? I think they are standard gap for a l28et. Head is a stock p90a head other than solid lifters. Shawn from Church Automotive who is a well know tuner in southern California said I could go higher but he wouldnt recommend it on 91pump gas. He also said engine was running pretty good.
  3. Supra 440 injectors 265hp 322 lbft @14psi
  4. 1971 240z with L28et, ms2,edis-6 coil on plug, intake manifold similar to the senza pari group buy one,stock t3 turbo,pallnet fuel rail. What guys think.... Pump gas 91 octane.
  5. Just installed these Talbot Yorck mirrors on my Z
  6. So decided to go with edis-6 since my 12-1 diyautotune stock 82 turbo dizzy was having sync problems. Now so far is much better. Also went with coil on plug.
  7. Thanks Matt for the help. I all ready purchase most of the stuff to make the conversion to edis.
  8. So my ms2 is already wire for vr sensor. I would need to remove q16 and wire js10 to ign and make sure no other wire is at ign. Correct?
  9. Yes I bought it from diyauto tune but had it wired for direct ignition coil. But know I'm going to run edis with crank trigger wheel.
  10. is this the correct way to activate EDIs on a MS2 3.0 board The red is what needs to be done correct? On the wiring guide it says to jumper tach select to XG1(but theres all ready jumpered tachselect to vrin) do i add another wire from tach select to xg1 Jumper opto out to tsel But to wire the vr sensor it says to tachselect to vrin(which it is already) wire TSEL to VROUTINV on the other section of the guide it says to wire it to opto out
  11. Lower left corner on thermo housing
  12. Been busy with my z. Tried it again megasquirt this time around I made it work engine is running.
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