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comso coilover install questions

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The sleeves are probably 5". They definitely don't sit flush with the top of the strut tube. This is one fully assembled with the sleeve sitting in the stock spring perch location(where Cosmo Racing and a few online forums said to place it). Only reason I added the original spring top was to give the shock a little extra room to travel. What do you think?


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Those threaded sleeves are pretty short.  You need to review the Strut Sectioning FAQ and do the math to determine where the threaded sleeve should be positioned.  you can space the threaded sleeve up using an aluminum tube with the correct ID and a wall thickness of .125".  Get rid of the stock upper spring perch.  Its not giving you any extra travel and is, in face, reducing available bump travel.

Those Cosmo springs look real short.  If their rate is anything under 300 lb. in. you will coil bind.  You also have to install bump stops or you'll blow the foot valves in the shocks.

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I just went out to my car and did some measuring.  The top of my welded-on seat for the threaded collar is at 6" above the junction of the strut tube and the cast-iron portion at the bottom.  My threaded collars are 5" tall.  My front springs are 8" tall in the relaxed position and are 225# rate.  There is approximately 1" of strut tube visible above the threaded collar.  This was a great combination when I had stock top-hat insulators like you are using.  With my tire tucked nicely into the wheelwell with about 5" ground clearance at the front of the rocker panel, the lower seat was positioned right in the middle of the adjustment range.  No coil binding or bottom-out.  Now that I have camber plates (which have a much thinner upper spring seat) my car is too low even if I adjust the lower seat to the top of the collar.  So, I just ordered new 10" springs from johnc at Betamotorsports (support your hybridz vendors!) to re-center my lower seat on the threaded collar at the same ride height.  When folks buy from z-specialty guys like johnc, or Ground Control you are more likely to have a plug-and-play, trouble-free install; when you buy from "coilovers.com"  hoping to save a few bucks there is no telling what you will get (pay-me now or pay-me later).  Hope my measurements help to confirm what you have put together.  That is one very strong styrofoam cooler!  And, your conversion looks super clean.

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