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  1. Hello All, I am ready to Order an RB26DETT, but am having a hold up on transmission. I have read the forums and searched, but most of my answers come in the form of pictures, but I am not able to see since the Photobucket account thing. The RB25DET is 5 speed is at $1,800. I know I can use a Z32 NA/ Turbo or a Z31 87-89 Turbo transmission for the swap, I just need the Rb26dett bellhousing. It seems from my research the Z32 will need the shifter bracket modified to line up with the shifter hole, I really would not like to cut to enlarge the hole. My question are: Will a Z31 turbo (87-89) 5 speed work with the CXracing or McKinney Motorsport transmission mount for the s30z? Will the transmission shifter line up correctly to the Z's shifter hole? Same questions for Z32, will mounts work? Where can I buy a modified bracket to fit Z's shifter hole? What about the Rb25det transmission? Will the shifter line up to the Z shifter hole? I just want to prevent from cutting trans tunnel. Lastly, Should I buy an R32 Rb26dett or an RB33 Rb26dett?? I know the 33 has a bit more torque and a few minor changes. The difference is $600 more for the R33 than the R32. Is worth dishing out the extra $600? Thank You, Brian
  2. brianZortiz

    RB26dett transmission HELP! & 32 vs 33 engine

    Yah I saw this video and the part 2. Still have many unanswered questions.
  3. Hi. I have a brand new AZC front big brake kit. I bought it from Dave last year and have not used them at all, not even to test fit. Are still in original box. The kit is for 260z-280z hub, but 240z can use with 260z-280z hub. All parts included in the kit. Asking $780 plus shipping or $780 cash. Retails at $850 from AZC. No trades, but if in SoCal and have a body shop with frame puller will consider an easy pull for my Z plush some cash for my BBk. Located in downtown Los angeles.
  4. Hi, I have some fiberglass bumpers from MSA and I like the availability and weight savings. My 260z which is getting most attention out of my 2 s30z is 904 white. A color I Prefer to keep since its in good condition. Anyway, I dont like black white color combo, I'm more of a white and chrome (or similar shine) type of guy. I have seen the spray on chrome method which is really impressive, but its kind of expensive. I was wondering if anyone has ever powder coated chrome on their z FG bumpers or fiberglass parts or even spray can powdercoat? Powdercoat chrome and black chrome are available for relatively inexpensive prices for the powder. Thanks
  5. brianZortiz

    Need help with Body/Frame pull

    Ktm, how did your car turn out?
  6. brianZortiz

    Need help with Body/Frame pull

    Hi everyone, My friends Z got into an accident. It was a minor accident where it was rear ended without having his rear bumper. The crash was fixed, but was still left with this unaligned door to rear panel when the body man said the frame was pulled. The body man said he is going to try a bit more but does not want to "overpull" the frame. It seem like he fixed the dents with wire weld slide hammer. Is there still hope with frame pulling after the creased dents have been fixed? What is the best method to try to fix gap on door to rear quarter panel. The door is in its place, the only thing is rear quarter was moved some forward by hit. Thank You.
  7. brianZortiz

    Need help with Body/Frame pull

    Thanks for your input guys. I am happy it isn't anything major. I will try to look for a shop, i'm sure I'll find one in Los Angeles. Bo, do you which shop you ultimately went to? I met you at a korean bbq z meeting.
  8. brianZortiz

    Alternatives to Internet Exporer

    Chrome is the best thing I've done for my computer's.
  9. Hey hybridz. I just picked up my 16x10 rs watanbes from Eric Vaughn machine out here in SoCal. I had him widen my 16x9 -13 and add 1" more lip. I will be using 16x9.5(stock) in the front and 16x10(custom wide) in the rear. I then had the lips mirror polished. Removing the previous machined lip. If you guys have any questions, feel free to shot them at me. As many of you know, Watanabe only goes up to 9.5 in their 16" wheels. I needed more lip and aggressive style to my wheels so I decide to invest some more. First Pic is stock 16x9.5 and the rear is custom 16x10. The second pic is after they were polished.
  10. brianZortiz

    my new 16x10 Rs Watanabes. Custom

    Whats the difference between f8 and RS models?
  11. brianZortiz

    my new 16x10 Rs Watanabes. Custom

    JDizzy. We talked before. Alex showed me these. Looks great man. I might have to do that later on. But now I'm in love with what I have.
  12. brianZortiz

    my new 16x10 Rs Watanabes. Custom

    Nice, hard to find skilled people to widen wheels. Eric cut the wheel and got another half and heat sunk the wheel onto the wat. He insured that it would be strong. He said he welded it to make sure no air leaks. He cut a groove on original wat lip so wheel can sit properly and heat sink.
  13. brianZortiz

    my new 16x10 Rs Watanabes. Custom

    Thanks s30z aficionados. I will be using 245 45 16 fuzion zr1 in the rear and 225 45 dunlop direzza up front. The 225 will be replaced after some driving to 245 45 all around. It's true 16" tire options are not good. I will be using bridgestone potenza re-11 or Toyo Proxes T1R. Both come in 245 45/16. I think a big push from porsche guys has increased the demand for 245 45. A lot easier to find than before. Polishing cost $30 per wheel Widening cost $220 per wheel. BADLER, They mirror polish at the factory?
  14. brianZortiz

    Where Can I Buy Watanabe RS Wheels?

    Badler, I am not selling 16x9. The 16x9 just got widened to 16x10 by adding 1" of bigger lip. They came out insanely nice. Will share with later.
  15. brianZortiz

    Where Can I Buy Watanabe RS Wheels?

    Buy from Kiyo, he is the watanabe distributor. I met him in person and is a great guy. In live in LA where he is from and paid half at front and the other half at delivery. Didn't hurt me financially, but he did this with me since I met him and paid cash.. I got 16x9(will be going 16x10, custom) and 16x9.5. I paid $2440 cash. His number is (626)627-3555. He is not the middle man, he is the source in US. It's a 3 month wait.
  16. The AZC are a bit larger than the TTT front BBK if i'm not mistaken. Can you get drilled cross rotor with AZC?
  17. Hi, have a 98,000 mile 3.9 CLSD with clutch pack. It originally came out of a 300zx turbo 89. I upgraded it to a 3.9 retaining 12mm bolts inside carrier. It is in perfect running condition. Quiet unit. It has 98,000 original miles, I drove it 10,000 miles. 3.9 donor car had 88,000miles. The side bearings are new (10,000miles ago) and has new pinion seal (3,000 miles ago). The 2 clucth LSD was upgraded to 6 pack. I am asking $1,100 pickup cash or $1,100 plus shipping and paypal 2.9%. In Los Angeles, CA. Includes finned cover and has r200 280z yoke to match any s30z driveshaft. Ready to bolt in to your s30z, you just need the r200 mustache bar. Thanks
  18. HI, I have an early 260z brake booster that was rebuilt this month from a professional shop. Never installed after rebuild. It comes with one year warranty. Sandblasted clean. $115 plus shipping. This is the larger brake booster for the s30z.
  19. If you still have whole swap I will guarantee to buy it August 15, 2014. Hope you do. Keep in contact with you.
  20. brianZortiz

    Need help modifying picture.

    Hi, I have 2 pictures that I need in order to finish a little side project I am working on. I pulled these 2 pictures from the internet and want to get rid of the backgrounds and have a consistent color on the paint, i.e no reflections. If any one who is good at adobe illustrator or photoshop can help me out, I can flow over some small cash via paypal. Hope some one can help me out. No reflections and no backgrounds with a solid red and solid black color for both cars, respectively. All while retaining body lines. Thnaks!
  21. brianZortiz

    A Z for 40K

    He got ROTA wheels and is asking for 40k.
  22. brianZortiz

    Hidden antenna? Need help and options.

    Hi guys I just recently welded up the rear antenna hole on my 260z. I am now in the search for an antenna that can be fitted under the dash or a low profile area. Are there any good options for this? I don't want to do subscribed radio. I just want the normal fm/am in Los Angeles. Any good brands that are lightweight, low-profile, and great reception?
  23. Hi everyone, I have a Brand New in Box Marugen Shoukai ZG flares (deluxe type) delivered from Japan. There was a 3 week wait. These flares are regarded to be one of the best fitting zg flares on the market. The contours of the flares sit snug with the body lines of the s30z. I am widening my 16x9 rs watnabes to 16x10, promoting my 9.5 to the front of car. I will need some larger zg flares, so I am not going to use these. Brand New in Box, no cracks or blemishes on flares. Very high build quality. I am asking $325 shipped, buyer pays 2.9% paypal fee.
  24. brianZortiz

    Marugen Shoukai ZG flares BNIB $325 Shipped

    Sold, Texis I am not sure as of now, don't want wide or normal, need something in between.