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No ignition harness

Ben's Z

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Somehow, someway when I scrapped the rusted out 280zxt donor I must have sent the ignition harness with it.  As I was reading the wiring tutorials and threads I noticed I didn't have anything resembling that harness.  I must have chucked it.  Should I find another or can I use my 77 ignition harness somehow?

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Already replied to you in another thread...but my advice is just make one. You only need 2 or 3 wires. If you know what wires go where from the "turbo swap" sticky, then it's a piece of cake.

Is the ECCS the ECU? I keep seeing this extra harness (2 wire?)coming through the drivers side fire wall on the 280zx, but all I have left is the 3 plugs for the Turbo ECU. Is there any "box" I need for the ignition harness? Should I use my N/A coil now? 

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ECCS is the correct term...ECU gets thrown around because that's what everyone calls it. No additional "box" is needed for the ignition harness, based on the sticky though, the resistor for the coil was prob with it, so your stock tach may not work (I have an autometer, so it didn't matter for me). The two wire deal (probably with a T plug on it) isn't a part of the S30 swap...ignore it, cut it off, whatever.

The igniter wiring on the turbo coil is important, it fires the coil. IDK what the 77 coil has for an igniter...I had to the HEI swap with mine personally cuz my igniter was no good.

All the ignition harness had that you're missing is a switched 12volt, a ground, and a tach wire I believe, but don't quote me, I've only ever done an '81 swap into my 240Z, and that was a year and a half ago.

Page 2 of the sticky has what you need, pics and all. Of all the obstacles you've run into already, this one should be easy, just study up a little.

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I think I went the other way on the EFI harness and have too much excess crap.  Do I need that black box with the white wires that was on the ZX strut tower? I seem to have things not found in any of the pictures, but don't want to get all crazy with the wire cutters. I also have two green relays.  I know one is EFI is the other ignition?

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EFI relay and Fuel Pump relay. Since yours is a different year swap, I don't know about the box that was in the strut tower, MAYBE, BIG MAYBE, it was the fuel pump modulator, I have no expertise in this. I don't believe the fuel pump modulator is mandatory to have connected to have a running swap.

With as far as you are in your build I was under the assumption that you'd started your wiring, just a misunderstanding on my part. In all honesty, the wiring is a little tricky, some people get hung up on it for a LONG time, I hope yours goes easily.

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The stock ignition harness on the ZX is seperate, runs from the coil / ignitor down the driver fender and comes out under the dash.  IIRC it's also bundled with some other wiring for accessories that are just farther forward than the coil.  It can be pared down to a few wires, so it's relatively easy to make your own. 

You should already have a Tach signal wire in the vicinity of the coil - use that, hook it up to the coil as shown in the 280ZXT wiring diagram (goes to the same post on the coil that the signal OUT from the ignitor connects to - stock, they would both be blue wires).


You need the signal wire from the ECU to the ignitor. 


You need +12V from the IGN switch @ IGN ON (stock = Black/White wire from IGN switch) This powers both the Ignitor and the Coil. 


The Ignitor needs a GND (which I believe normally comes from the coil bracket it's mounted to, which is mounted to the body - but that's easily available from the GND connections to the engine in the vicinity of the coil.  All the GNDs bolt to the intake manifold right beside the strut tower.


In the stock harness there's also a connection for a condenser between the coil and a spade on the distributor.


Not entirely sure, but it sounds like the "black box with the white wires" you're referring to is the fusable link box from the ZX.  I used the one from my donor (I have a 260Z though - no EFI stuff in there already...)  It did make the wiring to power the ECCS system easy.  I mounted mine on the firewall and connected the big white wire that feeds power to the fusable links for the ECCS to the battery.  (eliminated or abandoned the other fusable links in the box because I only needed the ones for the ECCS)  You should already have EFI fusable links you could use though, right?  Still, might be simple to use the ZX box...


Be sure to use the ZX fuel pump relay and run the output straight to your fuel pump.

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Do these plugs that come in the driver side firewall with the 3 ecu plugs need to be spliced in to something?


I also cannot remember if this picture of this single plug went to anything on my old harness?  Or does it serve a purpose now?


I used an 81 harness so I have no idea what those 8 pin connectors are for. Mine only had a 6 pin connector where the coil harness plugged into. Out past the grommet, it had another 8 pin plug for the resistor pack, all red wires going in and out of it.


The second big plug looks like the main power plug for your 280z. Off the top of my head I would say the green-blue wire powers your fuel pump, the white-black or white-red might supply power when the key is turned on. This plug should be used to turn on the 280zx's main relay and the blue/green wire should be connected to the fuel pump relay output.

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