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Maxima calipers, discs, MSA brackets?

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I'd just like to run my setup by some of the more knowledgeable guys in this section before I actually buy anything, just in case I made a mistake. What I've got in mind is doing 1985-1986 Maxima rear calipers, and MSA brackets, but what discs should I use? I'd like something slotted/drilled. I'm basically trying to mimic this set from zcarparts.




Here are the calipers I found.






Here are the brackets.




What discs should I use? 


Thanks a lot to anyone who helps. 


Edit: 82-83 280ZX rotors?



Are there any options for something slotted/drilled? 

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Would any of these parts be interchangeable with what I posted in the first post? 


These brackets are cheaper, for example.



These discs are more along the lines of what I'm looking for as they're drilled and slotted.



And then there are these calipers, but they're $150 each. What care are these from? If I could pick up a set somewhere else for less money, that'd be good. I'm trying to get some good brakes, but without spending $800. I'm not pushing ridiculous power or anything, I just want to be able to stop on a dime and have good brakes for autocross days.



Edit: It seems that the calipers are 2006 Mustang GT calipers. Could somebody confirm this? 

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