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240Z Solidworks Model wanted please!

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Hey Hybrid Z folks....

I am putting together an E- engine 4.5VKDD engine to attempt breaking the E/GT record currently held by a Vette. Horsepower should not be a problem.....Dave and Brian at Rebello are busy doing the homework to make ???hp. We will publish the HP numbers after we dyno it.

My issue is wanting to know the real numbers with and without the G-nose vs the attitude (rake) in the car plus what angle and position to place the parachute(s) at so they don't fall on the ground when deployed. I have a very capable guy who is willing to do the CFD analysis to give a 95% certain answer to all of my questions above. 

Anyone that can help I will gladly share our results with.

I have seen several posts where people have some models started but really need one complete with as much undercarriage as possible. 

Of course apple juice at the diner at the entrance to the Bonneville speedway will also be included.......


Burton Brown


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I'm currently working on getting a working model in Solidworks for easy mockup\design.  The cheapest (and most likely at this point) is here: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=f9b9b12c6061d32ab910dc0e33e50abd&ct=mdrm


Which is proving to be quite a bitch to get into SW.  If we can get enough people to pitch in on the one in the top link, I'd buy it and post the solidworks file when I get it done.  


I'll be basically starting with 50 copies of the file, cutting away everything but a given piece (say, a door or the hood), and saving it as its own file, then reconnecting everything in an assembly, so the individual pieces would be able to be modified.

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Badjuju, I don't think that first model will give you meaningful results for actual aero simulation because it has a totally flat underside (unless your car has a bellypan). 


I've been toying with the idea of making a 1:1 polygonal model of a Z car in Maya, which is the 3D package I'm most familiar with. I'm not sure what the best way to go from polys to a solidworks file is though. BurtonBrown, do you know what tool your analysis guy is going to use? 


*edit* just saw this thread is 2 years old. Even so, virtual wind tunnel software is a thing i would be interested in hearing more about

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