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  1. Hello Hybridz! I am doing a masters in motorsport engineering and need to do a ground vehicle aerodynamics project and have one idea for another vehicle but my heart is always with datsuns..... one idea i have for datsuns is is it possible to reduce front lift without a front spoiler that changes the look of the car.... im open to other ideas and if anyone has cad files of the car I can run through CFD and then maybe 3d print to get in the tunnel would also be much appreciated! let me hear your ideas!
  2. new wheel cylinder in, brakes bled, now pedal is too spungy but still has hissing.... might rebleed
  3. so today went to work on car, found slight leak from bottom of master that was easily fixed by a quarter turn of the fitting, then go to bleed the master again, then take wheel off to bleed rears, hit brake pedal and boom goes the wheel cylinder.... mystery on pause awaiting new wheel cylidners
  4. topped up the resevoir with fluid without doing a full bleed (think it might need to be done but i was lazy) warmed car up then turned it off, put foot on brake and started it and felt no change.... how could have booster gone bad just from a master cylinder upgrade is my question? Is it possible that taking the cylinder out of the booster to glue the reaction disc had an effect? pedal feels a bit better but i have a sneaking suspicion that its because a bleed needs to be done
  5. I pulled the rod and reaction disc out and glued the disc in place as per the faq.... would the rod adjustment being wrong create a hiss or is that just from the booster failing?
  6. is it possible the boot on the back end (boot thats behind the pedal) has something to do with it? might have messed that up
  7. Thanks for the response! The pedal has been making a bit of a hissing noise since the upgrade.... the booster was working fine before the install of the new master cyl (or at least i didnt have these problems....), check valve hasnt been touched. going to bleed brakes then do this test today then check mc push rod, are there common areas where the booster can leak from? is it possible that something broke in the booster when i installed the new master? Thanks again!
  8. Just upgraded to wilwood dynalite calipers, have an 8.5" booster, and put the wilwood 1" mc in and now my pedal is hard as a rock barely any travel...have to hit the pedal super hard to get brakes to work. Thought it was getting softer and better then realized one of the resevoirs had emptied ( which i beleive ive now remedied..) is it supposed to be this hard? for people whove done caliper upgrades is it worth switching down to a 15/16 to get a better pedal or what? Thanks
  9. as the title says looking for a front triangulated strut brace for a 73 240z. located in nj let me know what you got!
  10. i can make them out of steel, not aluminum, price would depend on thickness / demand but i can probably get a few made between 120-200 depending on thickness / finish. message me for details edit: for clarification, would be laser cut just the flat pattern
  11. hopefully ill have some brackets to mount wilwood calipers back from the machine shop within a month or so would be willing to sell for a good price
  12. have a few pairs too if others are interested
  13. i have a pair! message me can send pics and details
  14. I actually found a dimensioned drawing for what i mostly was interested in but would still be interested in the spindle of a 240z.... would be nice to have for designing brake upgrade parts
  15. https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/15-6030 this, shipped to nj
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