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I learned a few tricks when installing my bumpers. ( as requested by California Highway Patrol)


I bought some used ones and the rear must have been in a slight accident because the bolt flanges were bent and did not align with the body holes.


Tip #1

Hammering then prying the side flanges on the rear bumper back into shape does not work we'll. cut a piece of wood about 1.5" x 1.5" and jam it under the flange. Stand it on its end the hammer it down. Works great.



Tip #2

To attach the rear bumper, fasten the straight part to the body first, then attach the side flanges to the body next, then screw the sides to the straight part.

Reason - if there is any irregularities, the holes will not align if you try to install the whole thing at once.


Tip #3

Use some 1/2" (inside hole dimension) rubber bearings between the body and side flanges of the rear bumper. Gives good spacing.





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