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l28et knock sensor

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Now that MS3/MS3X has fairly robust support for knock sensors, has anyone had success using the stock knock sensor?  I dug up old threads regarding the stock sensor but they were older and not relevant to MS3.


Would I have better luck ditching the stock sensor and retrofitting a broadband Bosch sensor?

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Nope, though I was just thinking about this earlier this morning.  The car now has a turbo'd NA motor, the MS3 install is still working great.  My turbo motor was a victim of hydrolock :|  Since swapping out to the NA and getting everything running and re-tuned in late 2014 I haven't had a lot of free time to tinker with it.  I think I'll be picking it back up over the winter though and getting a knock sensor working will be one of my goals.

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Someone else was interested in the doing the same, I messed around with my knock sensor and posted the results here.  




I don't have the knock module, but I'm fairly certain you would be able to use the stock sensor.  

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