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P90a hydraulic "lifter" conversion to solid

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On another forum there is a 6 year old post from some that used the thread inserts from Time Fastener.


When you get the threaded inserts from Timesert:

1. Remove the hydraulic lifters

2. Thread the Timesert inserts into the lifter bosses until they bottom out

3. Install solid lifters


He goes on to say..


They're 1.5mm thread, as are the solid lifters. Hydro are 20 x 1.5 x 28 (total lifter length). Solid 18 x 1.5 x ~19mm.




The Timesert item number is 18153 (M18x1.5x18.3 INSERT)


Time Fastener Co

5301 Longley Lane

Reno, NV 89511

(775) 829-1026



Has anyone tried this? Does it stand up in time? Is the insert loosely threaded? Requires Locktight?

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I am about to try it on a friends head, inserts coming this week.  As to the derth of comment about success or failures, I suspect it due to two issues. Scarcity of examples, and the fact that its so simple that it likely is pretty much fool proof and hasn't caused anyone any problems worth reporting.


I see no reason for locktight, the solid lifter insert torques down to the head effectively trapping the insert.  Assuming the length of the insert is such that the insert can't thread down too far into the head, effectively leaving too few ID threads to engage well with the solid lifter post causing possible stripping upon torque application, then it can't fail.


I also see no downside to using locktite if you feel like it. Might make removing them at some point a bitch, but how likely is that?


If the threads are clean and well lubed, the insert should thread in by hand until it seats at the top (they have an upper lip I think, guess they can't thread in too far...). If its a bit hard to do that way, thread it onto the post then insert them as a pair into the head so you have a hex on the post to help it all thread in real pretty like.


I'll let you know how my swap goes when I get 'round to it.

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I used Locktite on the Timesert, just to lock it in place before screwing the rocker post into it. I did this because I wanted equal thread engagement in the Timesert and rocker post. The Locktite just kept it in the position I wanted. The other thing I would recommend is blocking the oil hole and groove in the lifter pocket. I used a little JB weld after cleaning all the oil out of the oil hole and slot. You want all of the oil going to the head ending up on the cam, not some of it leaking around the rocker posts back into the sump. The one I did was a new engine build, so when I primed the engine, I checked that none of the rocker posts were leaking oil.



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I know this post has been posted a while but i have mine just done the conversion. Im waiting for a few parts to come in the mail to finish this project.




Do you guys have any issues with the cam?

I have heard some one did this conversion and end up with cam is bogging a lot of noise. He end up with install a new p79 cam, problem solved.


Please let me know. Thanks guys!



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