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240 Tail Light Shroud color


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If anyone is looking for the correct color, here's my "solution":


After searching for a decent price on 240z rear tails lights, I found a set, cleaned them up and installed.

Look great. Installing these on a 260 or 280 requires cutting some metal and getting new gaskets (or making your own which I did).


After looking at many different pictures to deterime the original color for the tail light housings I found "Dupli-Color" at Autozone.

The "Duplicates Original Honda colors" appears to match the original Datsun color right on or at least close enough for me.


Any my build:



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No,  this is a technical mod  :icon10:

...but not for the L6 engine - probably should have gone in "Body Kits and Paint"


...BTW, what was the DupliColor color code for this paint?

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