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The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

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If anyone starts fabricating the inner stub shafts let me know and i'll be your first customer.


Otherwise I will have to buy the DSS ones and have pressed-on sealing rings machined to fit the larger explorer seals.



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My Z is my midlife crisis car! It used to be my young and rebellious car. Someday it will be my old-timey car.

Lol you guys get butt hurt over the most trivial things. Armchair coaches have always been funny to watch and listen to.

Hopefully sooner rather than later. Planning on learning to run the waterjet this week so I can cut at night, since getting the current operator to cut stuff for me is like pulling hairs. Hopefully ca

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Has anyone been able to get a hold of the cad drawings for any of this? I would love to try to make a setup like this for myself (would never sell them, way too much work involved) but making a one-off for my own car would be awesome. I'm sure I can figure it out based on pictures and what not but having a head start would be fantastic. Or does anyone have a good contact for Will?

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