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  1. I think mild would be fine. Plenty strong. Cheap. Easily weldable and can be painted or powder coated.
  2. Are you gonna design the rear knuckles to use 05-14 front brakes? Because that would be sweet. It'd look awesome but more importantly it would be nice for a track car to have a few extra rotors and calipers and it can go on any position of the car.
  3. Well, mad props to you for trying to keep it affordable! The tacked kit would be awesome for your budget people like myself. I have several friends with TIGs. I'll definitely keep my eye on this thread. What are you using for the front setup. I have often though about just putting an SN95 strut/spindle in the front for 13" corbra brakes cheap. Just haven't gotten around to doing it yet.
  4. What kind of price are you thinking for the knuckles and cradle when you are finished prototyping?
  5. Also interested in updates. Am looking to do an 8.8 IRS into mine.
  6. Hey sunny, I am thinking of putting the 8.8 in my early 260z. Going to fab up my own parts but Was looking for inspiration. All the pictures on your thread are gone due to Photobucket. Do you have these you can send to me so I may see them?
  7. Has anyone been able to get a hold of the cad drawings for any of this? I would love to try to make a setup like this for myself (would never sell them, way too much work involved) but making a one-off for my own car would be awesome. I'm sure I can figure it out based on pictures and what not but having a head start would be fantastic. Or does anyone have a good contact for Will?
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