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I recently bought a weber manifold for a 240z L24 but I'm not sure whether it was made for 40 or 45 dcoe.


I measured the "C" value (in the attached photo) at 4.6 cm. Does that indicate it was made for a 45 dcoe? I dont have any carburetors to compare the diameters for the two and couldnt find anything online.


On the producers website they have a kit listed for 40 and separately one for 45 so I am guessing they are somehow different


Any help in finding out which carb fits the manifold is greatly appreciated!


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To the OP, if it helps, I measured a spare intake to carb gasket, and it measured 40-41mm-ish. I recall when I installed my carbs, the gasket fit closely for both intake and carb diameters. So if your intake manifold measures 46mm (4.6cm), I would assume yes, it was meant for a 45 DCOE.


Interestingly, I had always thought that there was not a 45 dcoe specific manifold for the L-series, and that it was expected that the owner would port match accordingly.


Where did you get the manifold from?

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