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  1. Havent got to wiring the car yet but it looks helpful, thanks! I'm using Kwik wire instead of painless but I hope it will be similar.
  2. I recently bought a full exhaust kit (sport header, exhaust kit and JDM muffler) from Sean and I would like to recommend his parts and customer service. Sean answered all of my questions, shipped fast, and helped me out with anything else I needed. Now just looking forward to getting them installed. Here are a couple photos of the header and muffler Keep it up Sean!
  3. A 240z appears in one of the first seasons of That 70's Show. There is an episode in which Eric, Donna, Jackie and Kelso go to a drive-inn cinema to watch a horror movie ("The Omen") in Eric's car. In the background there is a pristine silver 240z. I jumped out of my seat when I caught a glimpse of the right headlight! Started pointing it out to the rest of the family!
  4. I've heard of these guys based in the UK buy haven't bought anything from them: http://www.frpautomotive.com/frp_240z_shells_clubs.html
  5. I second Brendan.... My doors are falling apart Looks great though!
  6. Nice rims! Thanks for the photo, it's a little hard to tell what they look like from this angle and quality. Isnt 225 on 7" too large?
  7. Had the same shock when I started taking my car apart. First thought the guy that sold it to me lied when he said it has a straight body!
  8. That's a really tight fit.... Are you using spacers? Makes me rethink my wheel/tire sizes
  9. Third time I'm writing, multiquote function doesnt work and keeps deleting everything I write I would have gone with 8" et 0 but the rims I like aren't offered in that size. I also like the look of SLIGHTLY stretched tires on the rims (Nothing radical). I have even seen motorcycle tires stretched on car rims!!!! I'm not quite sure yet how to dial in camber without installing camber plates. I've seen some mounts which have some adjustments without cutting into the car, still looking into them. I've seen a few cars here on hybridz running 15x9, but they
  10. As you have probably guessed by now, this is another wheel fitment question. Since my Z is completely torn apart, it is really difficult to take measurements. I am going to run TTT coilovers with TTT front and rear brake kit. I don't want to roll my fenders or add flares or any other modifications to the sheet metal. I'm not going to run any crazy negative camber as I've seen on some cars lately (I don't even want to use camber plates). I've seen some cool looking 8x15 -12et wheels which I plan to run on 205/50. It's the -12 that I'm worried about, i've read that it get
  11. Looks great! Are you also going to make this part in fiberglass? Would that make a difference in price? My console is cracked and I prefer something more classic to CF
  12. I cant believe it! This is the car thats on my wallpaper from a rear 3/4 view. I immediately recognized it from the flares, mirrors and color
  13. I've read some threads about manifolds not fitting properly, that is what determined me to buy this manifold (and the absurdly high transport/import taxes that have to be paid on any item brought in from the US)
  14. My car is far from road worthy, looking forward to finally installing all the parts and making it work. Until then, lots of playing around and test fitting the manifold and carbs
  15. I have searched the internet far & wide to no avail trying to find photos/reviews of the Mangoletsi manifold before buying. Therefore, I hope this post will give the next person looking to switch to triple webers more complete information. The manifold is made by Mangoletsi in the UK. It is built to fit DCOE 40 but they also produce an option for DCOE 45. It is extremely well built, every part looks and feels to be high quality. It comes with both the standard rod linkage as well as a cable linkage (can be seen in one of the photos). Included in the kit is a port m
  16. Thanks for the information, I was hoping to install 40DCOE on my engine.. So this is bad news. The manifold is made by Mangoletsi, it appears to be a very well made part. The linkages are already installed and it has the option of wire or standard rod type throttle connection
  17. What I'm having trouble finding is whether there is a size difference between the 40 and 45 regarding the "C" value mentioned above. Is the hole of 4.6 cm that the manifold currently has too big for the 40 DCOE?
  18. I recently bought a weber manifold for a 240z L24 but I'm not sure whether it was made for 40 or 45 dcoe. I measured the "C" value (in the attached photo) at 4.6 cm. Does that indicate it was made for a 45 dcoe? I dont have any carburetors to compare the diameters for the two and couldnt find anything online. On the producers website they have a kit listed for 40 and separately one for 45 so I am guessing they are somehow different Any help in finding out which carb fits the manifold is greatly appreciated!
  19. Hi, I'm new to this site, just recently bought my first 240Z. I have searched both the site and the internet for thoughts on/experience with Intrax coilovers but, there seems to be none. The only info I was able to find was that they might be too harsh for the road and that's about it. On their website they have two different types, but the descriptions are not very clear. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Mat
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