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Do I have a R200 viscous LSD?


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Some years ago I picked up an R200 along with the hardware to swap into an S30.  It was supposed to be a viscous, and he said he pulled from an '88 turbo himself.  The Guy had already had in his 240z, so he had fitted 2 4-bolt 'square' stub axles (the flange things that pop into the the diff, right?) that fit into the diff.  One of them had been ground down to shorten the length of the shaft. 

It says 37:10 on the (ring?) gear.


I've acquired a CLSD so I'm going that route instead.  Besides, I did try it in my '78 for a while and was not impressed.


Recently I've read that using the VLSD R200 is not viable because the spline count is unique and the '88 Shiro stubs have to be used.  But it is clear, standard stubs fit into this diff.

So what gives?

1)  -  either this is not truly a VLSD from an '88 shiro


2)  -  the info on the incompatibilty of the Shiro VLSD is inaccurate


I once visually compared the inside to an open R200 from a 280zx, and it was definitely different.

What is it?

Thanks for the help




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