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  1. Hey Madkaw, Are you still liking that MN47? How did you figure the 11.25 CR number?
  2. @NewZed. Ok, will do. In the meantime, here's a pic of the stubs and a 300zx turbo halfshaft that fit as well.
  3. Some years ago I picked up an R200 along with the hardware to swap into an S30. It was supposed to be a viscous, and he said he pulled from an '88 turbo himself. The Guy had already had in his 240z, so he had fitted 2 4-bolt 'square' stub axles (the flange things that pop into the the diff, right?) that fit into the diff. One of them had been ground down to shorten the length of the shaft. It says 37:10 on the (ring?) gear. I've acquired a CLSD so I'm going that route instead. Besides, I did try it in my '78 for a while and was not impressed. Recently I've read that using th
  4. Derek, for an option, you could go with a Kameari cam tensioner set. If I build another engine with a P-head cut, I'll use it. Now, the cheapest source for it, don't know.
  5. (I searched this already and could not find answer) I have a collection of oil pickup tubes and both types of Z oil pans and have lost track of which goes with which. For the S30 pan, the sump is in the middle and for the S130 pan, it's at the back...right? Also, my memory says the shorter pickup tube goes with the S30 oil pan and the longer goes with the S130 pan. Am I correct? What about the dipstick? Also, if you had the choice, which pan would you use (for use in a S30)? Does the S130 pan have higher capacity? Thanks, SB Louisville
  6. JS: Can you elaborate on your experience? Did the sleeves crack? Was it simply after the overbore? Was it after hard engine use? How much PSI, or NA? Did you have sonic tested or pressure tested or anything like that? Thanks, SB
  7. Since there's no positioning dowels on Z L6's (right?), then would that apply?
  8. Bryan, How did you discover the N42 was siamesed? Did you cut into the block or remove the sleeves? Did you see internal cast webbing that looked the same for both? I'm just a bit confused over conflicting info. For example, In the Frank H. How to modify your Datsun book, they actually have a cross-sectioned N42 showing open cavity between 1-2 cylinder. Does that mean all N42 blocks are not the same? And did you measure the average cylinder wall thicknesses of the F54 vs N42? Can you say conclusively the sleeves are thicker in the N42? Thanks, SB
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