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1uz z31 Glitter Greenbean drift mobile

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Man I haven't been on here in ages, well I had mostly been enjoying the car, took it out of state a couple of times to Zdayz and Fd atlanta, met cool people, had fun, but now the car is under the knife again and migrating its way to becoming a full track car. Also went to school for welding and actually started a life sometime back doing what I like to do.


List of useless crap I have done

-1uzfe swap(not quite done, just finishing up my oil pan, wiring and odds and ends)

-350z 6speed

-Collins adapter z33 and 240sx trans adapter

-Collins pilot bearing adapter

-lengthened throwout bearing hub(did it myself)

-custom 1uz flywheel

-Southbend clutch and pressure plate rated for 420rwtq

-Custom all aluminum rear sump baffled oil pan(I made)

-working on installing a full cage

-Sparco circuit race seat

-Grip Royal steering wheel with NRG quick release

-S13 rearend swap

-SPL rear control arms(RUCAs, traction, toe)

-z32 rear aluminum uprights with poly bushings

-Mazworx weld in diff plate

-q45 vlsd

-Stance Pro SS-D coils with 12k swift springs

-Extended 40mm FLCAs

-Modded angle knuckles

-3" blast pipe exhaust

-XXR 521 18x10 wheels all around

-custom engine and trans mounts(I made)

-and to top it all off stupid flake bassboat paint job. Im pretty sure im forgetting things but its ok


Few shots of the car before I started the swap








Few shots during swap











I will have more pics soon as I near completion on the car, I really dont have too much left but its getting there. I literally have to finish exhaust, oil pan and wiring and im ready to go

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