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L28 Block Needed in KS, OK, AR


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My daughter blew the motor in her 76 280z this past weekend. Machine Shop wants two grand just for the block work. I need a good 75-78 L28 block I can rebuild. I can pick up in Kansas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas. Car is in Kansas now. Cash money! Call me 479-866-9667 please if you have a long block or a good used motor sitting around. :D Thanks!

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I have a rebuilt 83 L28 for sale in the classifieds. $750 Shipped or best offer. It costs $260 to ship an engine on a pallet.


Thanks I did see your ad. I would rather not put a turbo motor in a non-turbo car, too many variables since my daughter is 300 miles away from me with the car. Datsun Turbos are notorius for for needing alot of attention. Almost as bad as SU Carbs in my opinion. Appreciate the offer though! Have a Happy New Year!

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Look at my add Carefully, It is a REBUILT 1983 L28 n/a Engine. From an 83 280zx.. I just added turbo parts to the N/A Engine. All your 280z engine parts will bolt right to it. All you have to do is swap out the Turbo Dist and Oil pump drive gear with the one from your daughters engine. Bang bang her car is up and running again. :) The engines are direct swaps.

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