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  1. Love that color! Looks good keep up the good work!
  2. I don't see anything on CL except for a Turbo ET Motor in Tulsa. Thanks anyways. If you a sepcific link, please PM me?
  3. Thanks Dat260Z, you are about 1000 miles away from me. I'll keep you in mind if I don't find anything closer.
  4. Dexter, Thanks I did see your ad. I would rather not put a turbo motor in a non-turbo car, too many variables since my daughter is 300 miles away from me with the car. Datsun Turbos are notorius for for needing alot of attention. Almost as bad as SU Carbs in my opinion. Appreciate the offer though! Have a Happy New Year!
  5. My daughter blew the motor in her 76 280z this past weekend. Machine Shop wants two grand just for the block work. I need a good 75-78 L28 block I can rebuild. I can pick up in Kansas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas. Car is in Kansas now. Cash money! Call me 479-866-9667 please if you have a long block or a good used motor sitting around. Thanks!
  6. I understand and appreciate your opinion here. The only point I am trying to make is that "for me", due to the combination of things I've listed previously, the vehicle is worth nothing to me. The VIN plate situation is only one of those reasons. I have been collecting, restoring, and selling custom vehicles for 30 years in my spare time. I have learned to walk away if it looks like a duck and smells like a skunk. I brought this situation to this forum for other opinions and because I could find no old threads similar. I can happily say that if anyone else runs into a similar situation your in
  7. I don't want to argue about this. The concern for me was as you stated above "if imported to legally comply" it should have some type of VIN plate or FMVSS body tag. The condition of the car, the possible title issues, and the questionable body modifications done did not warrant any kind of offer from me. It surely wasn't worth, in my opinion, the value of my 76 coupe nor was it worth the possible time and money I would have to spend if I encountered title issues were I to buy it. Thank you for your time and opinion, as well as everyone else's. This is the best Z community I have found!
  8. Just got from from seeing this inigma live! I feel so bad for the current owner. He was sold this car as some one of kind special vehicle and it is a cobbled up POS. No VIN plates anywhere, no holes in the cowl behind the battery or on the shock towers to indicate a plate was ever attached either place. There's no VIN plate on dash or even the FMVSS body tag to indicate this car was even legally imported. The rear hatch is just as I thought it was, a Panteta hatch with a whaletail spoiler very poorly glassed on to the back end. Both rear quarters are shot and need replaced. Doors skins are rus
  9. Thanks all! This VIN plate deal really concerns me. I'll look at it and take some better pictures and we'll see what happens!
  10. Current owner says it went from California to Missouri according the guy he bought it from and that it was SCCA raced in CA supposedly. I love my 4 speed coupe and hate the idea of trading it for a non-running project but if this is a rare car and not cobbled-up piece I don't want pass it up.
  11. He needs a daily driver and wants to trade for my 76 280Z coupe. I value my coupe at $4K. The Fairlady has the motor pulled and not been on the road since 2008. The missing vin plates do concern me especially since he has no title.
  12. Looking at buying what appears to be a true RHD Fairlady Z. Weird thing is it has no VIN plate behind battery or on shock towers or body tag on door jams.The cowl has the VIN S130-008634 stamped onto it. It also has a bizarre cowl hood and what appears to be a Pantera Hatch with a Whitetail spoiler glassed in. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Problems uploading pics right now, will try to add later.
  13. As usual you are 100% correct in the cause of the corrosion, Pharaoh! I felt I had rambled on long enough about the issues I had and forgot completely to describe my findings for the cause. During the paint job, we removed the cowl panel and found rust thru in several small areas. Repaired that rust but failed to inspect under the dash intensely enough. She gets a kick out of all the "old men" as she says who give her the thumbs up as she is driving! Her friends at school are definitely jealous!
  14. I was almost ready to deliver a 1976 280Z Restomod to my daughter 6 months late after her 16th Birthday! We started the car up and went to pull it into the shop for final buffing/touchups and low behold the engine died and would not restart. Needless to say my daughter was heartbroken. The car would crank but not start. If the engine was cold, it would start, run one minute or less and then die and not restart for hours. At first check my plugs were all soaked with fuel so we thought "flooded" clean the plugs, suck out the cylinders dry and and try again. No luck, no start. Pulled the pl
  15. Finally.... Delivered the car to my daughter 6 months late after her 16th Birthday! Would have delivered it a month ago except the weekend I was going to deliver it to her in Kansas several new problems arose. First door handle and lock mechanism broke on passenger side door and I had to replace both and then repaint with Black Chrome. As soon as we replaced those two items we started the car up and went to pull it into the shop for final buffing/touchups and low behold the engine died and would not restart. Needless to say my daughter was heartbroken. At first my plugs were all soaked
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