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Adding AN fitting to Fuel Tank

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I recently bought a 6AN steel bung to weld to the gas tank and over the existing fuel line (pickup) coming out of the tank so I can have the looks of an AN line going from the tank to my fuel pump. However, I have a question about welding the bung around the existing line.


If I go ahead the leave the line sticking out of my tank like if is from the factory and slip the bung over it, and weld it to the tank itself will it still be able to pull fuel from the tank? The reason I ask this is because a stock line is pipe clamped onto the metal line itself giving a good seal. While after I weld it the fuel line will just be slid over the metal line and not compressed. Of course the fitting itself will be welded completely to where its airtight so the only place to pull suction from is from withing the tank itself. Just wanted to see if anyone else has done this and if my thinking is correct.


I am using a carb with electric pump so I have removed the return line from the tank and welded it up. I did a search and saw there some owners have threaded the AN pickup into their tank drank. I want to keep the tank as stock as possible so I really don't want to go that route. Also, there is the fact that I'm not sure safe that is for a road driven car. I have looked into a fuel cell as well but decided that I wanted to keep the stock tank (and stock look) as well.





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Just install an Earls  5/16" to -6 AN  compression fitting on the original outlet tube.  This fitting allows interfacing a -6 AN line with tubing. I used these to go from the tank to the fuel pump, from the fuel pump to the original hard line going to the engine bay and from the hard line near the inner fender to a -6 AN line to the carb.







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Going to use this to run to the fuel pump. The rest of my fuel system is good for now , but I will change it in the future.


I do have a question about how you used the fitting. My fuel pump is mounted like this:




The tank line comes out an an angle so the line itself makes an "S" to get to the fuel pump. Did you cut of straighten the metal line coming out of your tank before you put the fitting on it or did you just leave the metal line alone?


Here is a picture of what I'm talking about. Disregard the JB weld, I put that on there last year when I was in a hurry to get the car running and I noticed that the brazing around the metal line had broken. I'll be sandblasting all of this off before I put the fitting on.



- Han

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All of that  JB weld will have to be wire brushed off and you will have remove the barb on the end of the tube. The use of the compression fitting requires that the tube be smooth, clean,  free of burrs and bends etc. or it will not slip over the tube - very close fit. I used some fine emery cloth to prepare the tubing for the compression fitting.


Since the the tube requires re-brazing, just  pull the tank and have a -6 AN bung installed and braze the original tube closed. Clean up the tank and install a new sending unit while the tank is out.  Or do as RB26power suggested.


Recommend that you search more gas tank issues in HybridZ  before doing anything.


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Wanted to update everyone and someone that may have future prospects of doing this.

I sandblasted all of the JB weld off of the old line/tank. Once the line was lose I put some needle nose in the tank, around the line to help fish it out as I pulled on the outside part of the line. To my surprise, the outside popped off.

It was after this that I noticed that the inside part of the line didn't move at all. After looking at the outside piece I saw that it was a clean cut. Same goes with the inside part of the line. I couldn't find any information about it being a two piece line, but since it's a clean cut and the inside line it still firmly in place I suppose the two pieces just butted up against each other.

At this point I went to Oreilly's and bought a foot of 5/16" copper tube, cut it and had it installed back in place, then hit it with some primer.

I finally got my compression fitting on there and it's now ready go to.

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I went through the same thing with my fuel tank. I had the tank cleaned and sealed at a radiator shop, had them chop off the nipples and solder the AN bungs.  Had the entire tank coated with Line-x. Turned out pretty good.


That looks great! I like how the line-x turned out. I just ended up painting mine black.


I have a question though, is there a reason you didn't use a braided line going from the tank to the fuel pump?

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