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no power to headlight fuse


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Bought a 71 240. It's gone from the shins down. Rust bucket to the max. If I live long enough, i'll be riding in her. I had a 71 back in 74. I have done collision work for 35 years or so and I have a decent interim knowledge of component relations. 


This is the link to the video of the first start. 





Here is the data. 

Tail lights work. 

Left front park light works.

 Left front marker works.

Both rear markers work.

No headlights.

Wipers work.

Glove box light works.

Courtesy light on dash works.

I have not checked bulbs. 

Power to six out of 8 fuse supplies.

No power to headlight fuses. 

Right turn indicator burns dim when lights are on. (ground problem?)

Indicator goes out when the park tail fuse is pulled out.


This car is not a junk yard dog. It is the pile that the dog left by the fence. But, it is a poor man's dream and I love to see the contrast when the project gets to the finish line. Yeah!




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In my 72 240Z the light switch grounds the always hot headlight circuit. So, if the headlight switch is defective,  then it won't ground the headlight circuit such that you will not see any voltage at the fuse.


Most likely the contacts in the headlight switch are dirty or out of adjustment. A very common problem with 240Z light and turn signal switches.







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I am looking over the wiring diagram. I know it is wrong at least on the fuse connections. The headlight buss has only the two headlights on it for sure. But , on the diagram it shows that it shares the power with three other fuses. The colors are different, also. It says the power supply to the headlight fuse is white/red when it is just red. It would appear by the schematic that I have an open at the ammeter. Is that possible? my wiring .pdf

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Have you checked the light switch  wiring harness connections on the steering column? If not remove the plastic steering column cover and verify that all harness connections are tight.  At the same time check the light switch operation with a volt meter.  The headlight switch works by  grounding  the power to the headlights so you will not see any voltage at the headlight fuses if the switch contacts are oxidized, or open  or if the switch ground wire  is open.


The combo switch is repairable and there is a HybridZ member named Dave who repairs the switches for  a fee and he also sells a headlight relay harness which improves headlight brightness and takes the load off of the light switch. Look in the vendor forum for "headlight harness".  He also sells the harness through Motor Sport Auto (MSA).  The harness is a must if you plan on installing higher wattage headlights.

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