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real world traction

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I just finished helping a friend build a mk1 audi tt 1.8t 225 quattro. I have driven many awd cars and rwd cars hard, very hard. The z i have has been on the back burner over the last 3 years because, life, etc. I have been building a small block with AFRs etc etc, 700r4 build with manual valve body etc.


I wanted to get your opinions on this, I have been throwing it up in the air. Obviously awd is going to get better traction, but even with the best awd it pushes a little (it has a controller but still pushes rather than rotates a tad.) Do i have any hope of getting real world, not perfect track, traction with the v8 z? If so what suspension should I be looking at? Power wise I should be sitting at about 500-550 fly hp. I am on 245s right now and they already stick out.






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The Rusty Old Datsun had close to $20k invested in the suspension and wheels and tires. You can get 80% of that benefit for about $10K.


Spend 50% of your suspension budget on the shocks. This is where you get the most bang for your buck.

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