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AEM Series 2 Honda box for V8

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I read on XJared's S130 VK56 build over on the Nicoclub that he used an AEM Honda 30-1050U box to get his car running and I see a local classified ad for a Series 2 Honda box.  I'm wondering if it will work, seller doesn't remember exact model number just that is a series 2 (as evidenced by the physical ecu box labeling); the AEM website lists the following as specs: 

Wondering if this would work for my VK56 S30 project that I am currently (slowly) working on?  I can't PM XJared on Nicoforums because I don't have enough posts to enable the feature.  :banghead:   I did post on his build thread asking about this possibilities but I thought I would post here as well since I am sure some of you are way beyond me in ECU/ECM knowledge and capabilities. 


I don't see any problems where it will handle 12 injectors and 8 direct fire coils. I'd feel better about bugging the seller anymore about the price, and driving the hour to get it, if I knew for sure I could make it work.  I also know one of the local custom shops mentioned they have worked with AEM boxes while tuning on their dyno but they don't sell them directly.  Thanks!

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