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  1. McKinney does have a mount system they have developed, as well as few other engine swap related parts. Binge of them however are advertised on their website. I emailed them back and forth quite a bit a couple years ago in this very subject and was told that they were trying to come up with a streamline prices to produce the parts and release them. It's definetly worth calling or emailing as stated by @Neverdone.
  2. Sub'd... this looks pretty gnarly for sure.
  3. ^^^this, highly recommend a face shield as well. When those little wires do break off and stick in your clothes they can feel like razors, definetly don't want one in your eyes or any other part of your face.
  4. I'm really diggin' that dark blue with the brown interior. 😎. Car looks amazing, I wish I was in town to run over and take a look. Should be perfect for some beautiful canyon cruises, leaves were already changing up by Heber this past week.
  5. On your bullet connector, you might also try putting some adhesive lined heat shrink over it once connected together and then shrink it. Your seats definetly look nice.
  6. check this out for a service loop https://www.rbracing-rsr.com/wiring_ecu.html
  7. Good work Omar, if you can ditch the bullet connector do it, there's a reason no one uses them on auto harnesses anymore. Either replace it with a weatherpak as mentioned or if you can leave a small service loop in the harness just do away with the connector entirely?
  8. Keep after it Omar, glad to see things are moving forward.
  9. I've actually already seen a few different good examples of hose retainers from 3d printing on hybridZ. They shouldn't be to hard replicate for any size hose, tube or loom, just a little design time, some tweaks for diameters and then push print.
  10. That's a good looking pan, I would advise having him also add in some baffling sound the oil pump pickup. It shouldn't be to hard to weld on a couple trap doors in a diamond shape for added insurance when going sideways or cornering. Improved Racing makes some nice affordable trap doors, I'm sure there are a few threads on the Hybrid with other vendors and baffling ideas as well. http://www.improvedracing.com/oil-pan-baffles/trap-doors-for-oil-pans-and-fuel-cells-pack-p-38.html
  11. Making progress Omar! Glad things are looking up and your finding some motivation to get after it.
  12. McKinney Motorsports is the only s30 I've seen. Rebuild prices are pretty high for the vk56 if you need head work, no off the shelf piston upgrades exist either. Great engine but expensive to upgrade, camshafts are available from JWT and Kelford, oversized valves and springs as well. The camshaft lifter buckets are the killer in price due to a design change and being $8-20 a piece for 32 valves to correctly set the lash it adds up quick. There is a pretty good following for the vk56 on Facebook, look for the vknation group and you'll find some good knowledge available from guys on
  13. I'd definitely try the smaller wire diameter and play with the heat and ipm. I recently welded up some .065" exhaust for my wife's Yukon with .035" and at 14v with something around 120ipm iirc it was still to much wire and burned thru like crazy if I tried to pull a continuous bead, on 1.75 or 3" tubing. It was all new tubing and modifying new raw steel Hooker Super Comp F-body LT headers so new steel all around.
  14. That looks miserable, nice twists and turns though!
  15. Go black anodize, IIRC if you have them tumble finished first it comes out more like a satin/matte than a high gloss. We did some brackets at an engineering shop I worked for in college and found out by accident on some robotics parts that needed to be glossy. A good platter/finisher should be able to show you samples before committing.
  16. They look fairly symmetrical, possibly flip 180 for front exit and turbo 😈
  17. Love the use of a hub and old brake rotor. Very keen to see the finished tank, looks very unique and functional; also sounds like a great use of the storage bin space!
  18. Very impressive, are you still running the stock rear and drive axles? I thought I could see a cv boot in one picture but not 100% on that.
  19. No pictures of the spectacular aircraft turbo setup? Build yourself a rotisserie, while your at it go down the local big rig shop and grab an old air brake S-camshafts and a cheap manual slack adjusters ($10-15). Grab a bushing kit, ~$30 and will come with enough bushings to do two cams, a new tub DOM tube sized for the bushings (can't remember measurement off hand) and then weld whatever attachement plate you desire to the cutoff S-cam and you're set with 22:1 gearing that locks in any position you desire. I got the idea from some engine stands I've seen done this way, I currently have two
  20. If you're still having trouble with your 4l80, the HMMWV uses the 4wd version of the transmission and the manual for complete rebuild is located here in section 28: https://www.liberatedmanuals.com/TM-9-2320-387-24-2.pdf There is also a dropbox link I downloaded the GM service manual from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h7ckb9edafc7cgd/4L80E.pdf I can't remember from skimming thru your youtube videos, but are you running the L80 or L85? The 85 is supposed to be rated for more input torque and has an extra gear on the planetary IIRC. Also @jpndave is pretty familiar w
  21. I don't think the gearing really is the reason for more swaps, I think it's just it's an import transmission, holds lots of power and brand new costs about as much as a used T56. CD009 3.79 2.32 1.62 1.27 1.00 0.79 and reverse 3.45 T56 Wide 2.97 2.07 1.43 1.00 0.80 0.62 and reverse 3.28 T56 Narrow 2.66 1.78 1.30 1.00 0.74 0.50 and reverse 2.90
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