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Stainless steel headers, exhaust and JDM twin-pipe rear muffler


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In 2020 I will have been producing performance exhausts for 10 years !


Firstly, I would like to thank all my loyal customers over the years to make this happen and I’ve been rewarded in return by having many of you as friends. I’d also like to thank all those Z-professionals and track, rally and hill-climb competitors who continue, respectively, to sell and exploit my parts !


To celebrate this I’ve produced some exclusive super-goodies which I’m including as gifts* with each 2020 order and so as to be clear :


Silencer, muffler order = free keyring (your choice)


Manifold/header order = free T-shirt (quote size ‘L’ or ‘XL’)


Complete kit = free 10yrs keyring and T-shirt (quote size ‘L’ or ‘XL’)


These items may also be bought seperately with worldwide shipping** included in the prices below :


Keyring 10 yrs : us$11


 Keyring Z profile 50yrs : us$15


 T-shirt 50yrs : us$23 (two sizes only ‘L’ and ‘XL’)


*so long as stocks lasts !

**I will group ship so as to reduce the overall shipping cost. Obviously if bought as an extra and included in an exhaust order, there will be no shipping cost ; so less expensive !


Please contact me via mail (or PM) for any enquiries : seanz@wanadoo.fr


So, Merry Christmas and I wish you all a happy and above all healthy New Year with new Z (and ZX) adventures ! :cool:

2020Zstory T-shirt.jpg




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On 8/15/2017 at 2:23 PM, SeanD said:

Hi...or theirs looks very close to mine, Fujitsubo also......or we've all gone donc the same path....! :D


Without knowing the bore sizes and the placing of the three bolt-holes, I can't confirm.


However, I can share with you what my Street-sport header flange is like for you to compare if you have the Trust header already.




Hi Sean,


Glad to see how far Z story has come since the zclub.net days! I too am in the same boat with an old Trust/greddy header. Is your flange on the Street-sport header flange 'current' of the 'Needed now' one? Which is correct?


I've got the header off the car, so I'll measure it up this evening for you.



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Latest exhaust batch - Spring 2020


 My latest batch has arrived and shipping has begun for paid-up orders. If you have reserved parts with a deposit, I invite you to complete your payment so I may also ship yours.


 I'm very satisfied with my new header flange allowing easier fitting and tightening against the engine head plus larger porting for better performance. Lastly, it's lighter - saving nearly 1/2 kilo (1.1lbs) !


 Don't forget when ordering that now I stock new valve-cover bolts and inlet/outlet stud kits - both in stainless steel, reasonably priced.


 I also offer a choice between two gasket versions : Stock ‘A’ for carbs and Efi ‘B’ with injection cut-outs – please specify which when ordering



Gaskets type A and B.JPG

002 (2).JPG

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On 2/27/2020 at 10:43 AM, SeanD said:

Hi - ok, let me know and we'll compare.





Sorry this took MONTHS. Jeez. Measurements on a original fujitsubo header attached. Let me know if you need anything else to compare. Mine was originally meant for an L20 (stamped as such), so I'd be interested to know if it's going to be too long or too short from the header flange to the exhaust flange. I can get those measurements too for you. Excuse all the copper gasket gunk.





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I scanned the gasket in 1:1 scale so you can clearly see its' dimensions and even print and cut it out to place as a template on your flange.


Anymore info / photos needed, please come back to me.


Kind regards,





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14 minutes ago, SeanD said:

Hi. No, it is a pure Zstory gasket.


Strange - I've never had a problem with my header, secondary pipe of line being too low - mine should never drop below the bottom of the floor rails !





Very nice! I wasn't suggesting that yours might be too low, just pondering aloud. I think the fact that I've got a header meant for an L20B is the root of many of my exhaust problems  (I've wondered if it's an ever so slightly canted angle and if the mounting flange is positioned further away from the header flange such as to push the exhaust further down the car chassis - there just didn't seem to be enough room for the fujitsubo twin pipe without severe 'massaging' with the overall exhaust seeming to be too long for my 78 280Z.  I'll get those measurements too, can see if that might be the issue.


Yours looks like exactly the tight fitment I was after on an exhaust. Can you PM me pricing and shipping to Canada? Not sure whether your '17 pricelist is still current and I don't want to keep cluttering up your thread :)

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No, I didn't take it like that, no probs - just keen to show how well it fits with plenty of clearance. The reason being that competition rules here state that the lowest part of the body (including parts fitted to the body ie exhausts) must be a minimum of 100mm from the ground. THAT usually means the floor rails and no racer wants to higher off the ground than possible, certainly not because of an ill-fitting exhaust !

So, you want a quote for the 2-1 pipe and exhaust line ? Which muffler please ?


Sorry, I forgot - is it a two seater ? By conincidence, I've just bought a '78 2x seater into which I'll be fitting a complete header to muffler line.



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Hello Dominic.


I'm here and still operating - expected to do so for many, many years yet. :-)


Production has been disrupted by Covid-19 and Brexit but I'm getting back on track via another company.


Mufflers and lines will be available at end of April, headers in June.


Please PM me you engine spec and car use and we'll discuss together your preferences and optimum package.


Kind regards - stay safe.



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