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I needed a new daily, as i gave my wife my 06 Buick LeCrosse. It's been while since I had a car I could daily and actually enjoy driving. Enter this E30.


My brothers are more in tune with the "newer" euro/jdm tuner crowds. My brother had a 240sx until a few months ago, and while it was a fun-ish car to drive i couldn't get over the drifter/Fast N Furious fanboy following. However, I kept seeing these e30s pop up on their pictures at car meets. I had never acutally seen one in decent condition.


The next day I jump on CL, I found this one: 5sp manual, minimal rust, a little rough cosmetically, everything worked (minus the sunroof and OD, common E30 issues and cheep fixes) but ran like a champ and the price was wayyyy to good to walk away from. From the first time i drove it i fell in love. It's light, rev happy, the sport seats are comfortable and it already had Bilstein shocks and sport springs.


My goal is to get her back up to A- condition cosmetically inside and out. I've got quite a few parts coming to redo the damaged trim and repaint the faded grills, fix the fog lights and vents. I found a set of Style 5 rims I'm cleaning up and alot more. I'm over on R3V but i'll try to keep this updated monthly.








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