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Turbo Tom 3.1 Stroker

A Z for Me?

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Okay folks -


I've got a line on a Turbo Tom 3.1 L Stroker, this motor has been blown, but I feel is rebuildable.  The price is right on this and would hate to let it slip away.  On a 3.1 stroker, can they be bored another .5mm as one of the cylinders has some damage.  Can you go an 89.5mm bore on all cylinders, then a balance.  This has the VO7 crank, 9mm rods, just needs an overbore, will get an align hone on the crank and cam, then a full rebuild, gaskets etc.  


Have plans on going EDIS and megasquirt


Just looking for some advice from the experts.



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Well the story is, the previous owner was trying to tune it with a larger carburator, went lean, and there is some scoring in one cylinder.  only one piston was involved, #5, I believe.  Salvage yards here are now few and far between, thanks EPA.  


Anyway, the guy is wanting $1200 for this, yes it may be worth it, but I still have to get a car as well...and at this time nothing is nailed down as of yet...L28ET, , RB, SR, or LS....Just havent a clue as of this time



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